Thursday, 22 February 2018

Life Lately - Changes, Balance and the Juggle.

How on earth is it nearly March?! What even is time anymore?

I feel endlessly sad about my poor neglected corner of the internet, I desperately want to share and write and take part in this wonderful community again, but I am struggling so hard with the number of hours in the day, or lack thereof. I thought I would do a little brain dump/ goal update/ check-in to tell you I am still alive.

So, despite being painfully time poor at the moment there are actually some really good changes afoot. After setting myself some SMART objectives back at the end of December I set lots of wheels in motion and things have started to pay off. I have got myself a long awaited promotion at work AND increased my hours back to full time again. This was not an easy decision as I had to weigh up the extra childcare, potential time away from Zoe, and also if it was actually the best for our little family unit. In the end it came down to my career progression and it felt like the right time with Zoe being a bit older now and also the extra money would be good to try and achieve my financial goals too.

Plus we have the most wonderful childminder who Zoe absolutely adores, so that eases a tiny fraction of the working mum guilt.

When you team all of these work changes with lots of travel and weekends away, a few bouts of illness (nothing serious just colds and tummy bugs), and trying to have some self care time - it leaves little time for anything else, let alone my poor blog. I do hope that as I settle in to my new schedule I will find the time to do it all, but its taking that bit of time to adjust.

Lets not even talk about meal planning, its all gone to pot and I am fairly sure I have forgotten where my kitchen is right now. If anyone has any amazing life juggling tips, please share. Specifically around managing house work and cooking when working.

I will get there, I will adjust and adapt and learn how to rock these changes but for now, I am prioritising as best I can.


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  1. Hari OM
    Glad to see you 'out and about' Nellie! I did think it had been a while - though, to be honest, things were a bit topsy-turvy this side too, so am as suprised (shocked?) as you to find March looms!!! It would be fair to say, then, that time management advice from me might not work... '*>

    It sounds like things are really forging ahead for you and that is grand. Zoe is a proper young lady now - that shot of her on the path is adorable. I do know that when I was working, the best plan for me was to prepare as much as possible on the Sunday; soups are obvious, but I would also prepare the vege I wanted for the week, blanch, then freeze it in the portion sizes required. Why this and not just by already frozen veg? It's actually cheaper to do it yourself - and portioning when not hungry means sensible measurements at time of cooking! Of course, one could buy ready frozen and then devide it in one batch... Housework got done only once a week - apart from vacuuming. Having pets meant daily vacuuming.

    Then there's deciding what really matters and what is just 'nice if possible' - and that's only for each of us to decide for ourselves. I think you are doing a wonderful job of that! YAM xx


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