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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 11th December

Yet another frugal meal plan this week, December is the actual worst. I am so close to just cancelling Christmas and hibernating until January. Anyway I am boring myself with my money whinging now so I'll shush and get on with the meal planning...

I am doing a lot of making from scratch with pie and soups in the slow cooker to last us a couple of days, with leftovers for lunches.


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Ham sandwiches and leftover party bits.
Dinner: Leftover homemade leek and potato soup - I made it in the slow cooker yesterday.


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Tinned soup and toast
Dinner: Homemade corned beef and potato pie


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Leftover pie
Dinner: Slow cooker beef stew


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Leftover stew
Dinner: Prawn pesto pasta and garlic bread


Breakfast: Toast and jam or cereal
Lunch: Leftover pesto pasta
Dinner: Cottage Pie.

What is everyone else eating this week? Don't forget you can grab my free PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER over on last week's Meal Plan Like a Boss post.

What's on your meal plan this week?