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Toddler Takeover | Great North Museum

A friend of mine messaged me recently saying she had booked tickets for the Toddler Takeover at the Great North Museum and asked if I'd like to go too. I had never heard of it before, but with Zoe's recent Museum obsession; fuelled by the Night at the Museum movies, it sounded like a perfect way to spend a Friday morning.
The event itself is free but divided into hour long sessions, so you have to prebook to get a place (and it is pretty popular so book fast!). When I first read the itinerary I didn't think we would spend the full hour, as keeping a toddler engaged for an hour is a tough task! However, the hour flew by and she didn't want to leave!
I had really hammed up the fact that the museum staff needed her help, as I was worried beforehand that she would be bored or not be engaged by it. But I shouldn't have worried as I literally had to drag her from the place to cries of "But mummy, they neeeeeeed my help!" and the promise of a Happy Meal.

There were 10 different stations to chose from, each showing a different museum job that they wanted the toddlers help with. From researching to packing up artefacts, from feeding their toy snake (and seeing live ones) to transporting the animal exhibits. Each activity was fun and engaging but also taught the little ones about what they do in the museum and why.
Zoe's favourites were the packing up artefacts, the transporting (basically pushing a cart around at speed!) and the live snake.

There was a little bubble tent where they had soft toys and you had to sort them into land, air and sea animals. Although Zoe just took them out of the box one by one for a nice big cuddle.

There were a wide range of ages from 1-4 and I would say there was activities for all of them! The museum have done a great job in pitching the activities at the different abilities and the staff were so helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend the toddler take over event to parents of pre schoolers in the North East.
Looking at their website they offer a few different type of events for under 5s, so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next one for sure!

Of course no trip to the museum is complete without a trip via the gift shop, we managed to get out without buying anything this time by some miracle!
I am always on the look out for things to do with Zoe, so if you know of anything, please let me know.