Monday, 20 November 2017

Meal Plan Like a Boss - 20 November

Another OK week last week, but with Christmas fast approaching the need to be extra frugal is weighing heavy, I have actually been fairly organised this year and most of the presents have been bought and stashed away. Although December always feels like such a long old month, so frugality is the word of the week.

I am a little obsessed with Christmas food planning at the moment, I'd love to hear any Christmas food traditions that you have, or alternative menu ideas.


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Soup - I bought some reduced fresh soup from Sainsburys this morning to last a couple of work day lunches.
Dinner: leftover cottage pie - Paul made the nicest cottage pie on Sunday night, so eating the rest tonight.


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Soup
Dinner: Tuna pasta bake


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Leftover tuna pasta
Dinner: Toastie night - cannot beat a good cheese and ham toastie


Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Bought sandwich - a small treat for my Friday at work.
Dinner: Sausage and mash with veggies.


Breakfast: Toast and jam
Lunch: Pitta pizzas for me and Zoe
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese

What is everyone else eating this week? Don't forget you can grab my free PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER over on last week's Meal Plan Like a Boss post.
What's on your meal plan this week?



  1. Hari OM
    As I read this, am enjoying a bowl of my 'moxtail soup' (big bag of spinach, one can crushed toms, two vege stock cubes, 1.2 ltr water; bring to boil, simmer for half an hour, blitz.) which I had made a batch and froze a couple weeks back. Simple buttered toast (multiseed Hovis) on the side. Lunches are pretty much all soups from now till spring. This evening is going to be pasta and vege sauce. Beyond that I have no idea! YAM xx

  2. I love reading your meal plans, they're always so structured. I'm such a brat that I can't stick to a schedule, even if I made it. I'm going to have to give it a go some time, I spend far too much money just buying things on the fly.

    Katie xoxo


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