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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 13th November

We definitely had a slightly better week last week, much less shop bought and more homemade. I still think we could do better though, especially with my work lunches. If we don't have leftovers from the night before, I tend to end up buying a sandwich and it all adds up.
So my pledge this week is to be prepared, have my breakfast and lunch sorted each day. I'd love to hear the sorts of things you make for lunches at work? Hit me up!


Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Soup and toast - I plan to pick up soup and small loaf on Monday morning, to last me two days at work.
Dinner: Leftover roast chicken risotto (I'll add some roasted kale to mine)


Breakfast: Coffee (I have a Nespresso at work and make my own fancy coffee)
Lunch: Soup and toast
Dinner: Chilli with brown rice


Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Leftover chilli with a jacket potato
Dinner: Tuna pesto pasta


Breakfast: Coffee and banana
Lunch: Leftover cold tuna pasta salad
Dinner: Sausage sandwiches


Breakfast: Toast and jam
Lunch: Pitta pizzas for me and Zoe
Dinner: Homemade corned beef and potato pie with salad.

What is everyone else eating this week? Don't forget you can grab my free PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER over on last week's Meal Plan Like a Boss post.
What's on your meal plan this week?