Sunday, 22 October 2017

Autumn in Full Effect.

Hands down, Autumn is my favourite time of year visually. Especially early autumn when its still warm enough to run around with bare legs and cardigans but the leaves are turning and the colours are just incredible. We recently took a trip to Rising Sun Country Park for some fresh air and horse spotting, we grabbed our best friends and threw leaves, made dens, climbed trees and had the most wonderful day. The light was just perfect and I couldn't resist snapping some beautiful photos of my beautiful girl - who lets face it, is autumn personified with those auburn curls.

I am still getting the hang of my DSLR, just when I think I've got it sussed, I mess with one too many settings and feel like I am starting from scratch again. I really need to remember what each setting actually does rather than twiddling until it looks right; which results in 300+ photos, most of which over exposed.
If anyone has any tips or tricks or resources to share I would really appreciate it. I use a Canon 1100D with a 50mm lens mostly.

On this particular day I was bowled over by how brave my little girl was. We were playing with a group of 5 other children and Zoe was the youngest - she climbed the highest, slid the furthest, fell and got right back up more than anyone. I got a glimpse of the strong and powerful girl she is becoming and I felt so much pride and also fear, I hope she never looses that sense of wonder and adventure.

As she fast approaches her third birthday I am urging time to slow down, she is fiercely independent and knows everything, while at the same time thirsty for knowledge and experiences, tackling everything at 100mph. I want to slow it all down and enjoy the moments where she still wants to snuggle us in the mornings and needs us to kiss it better.
I just wanted to record this day and how I am feeling right now, remember her while that hint of baby still remains, to look back on in the blink of an eye it will take for her to be off to school, off into the world.

Zoe is wearing a pink micro cord pinifore dress by Mini Club, A stripe top from H&M Kids, Cardigan from Little Bird by Jools, and Wellie Boots from Ebay.



  1. I absolutely adore this post. We had such a lovely day with you and Zoe (as always!) and you’re right - she is an absolute firecracker, she is so brave and curious and kind and hilarious. She is a credit to you and Paul and we love you both MASSIVE amounts ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word yes... pets and children tell us most about how time passes! Zoe has definitely reached the end of baby-hood... I LOVE that photo at the top of the tower. You talk about over-exposure, but actually the lighting in this adds to the concentration! As a life-long photographer I can tell you that it always is just a matter of 'keep at it' ... though having a proper understanding of what all the bells and whistles actually do does help. I know you probably don't have time-space to fit in joining a photogroup (but if you do that I would highly recommend); therefore it comes down to reading as much as you can on the basics... have found this blog page which I think will appeal to you; it really does cut things down to the nitty gritty and doesn't bamboozle with tech-talk. An exercise often given is to set oneself a goal of learning one particular function as well as possible each week, rather than tinkering with all at the same time. You have a great eye for it Nelly - looking forward to seeing how much better it gets!!! YAM xx


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