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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 23 October

Its been A WHILE since I had a coherent meal plan. The husband went away for two full weeks (three weekends) and I thought it would be a great opportunity to eat what I like, lots of veggies and slightly more adventurous foods... In reality I was cooking for one so ended up with toast or cereal a lot.
Does anyone really bother when its only themselves to feed?
Anyway, he is back, back to normality, so here goes with this weeks meal plan. I should also mention
I am trying my hardest to not spend money on coffee/food at work, so taking stuff from home.

Autumn in Full Effect.

Hands down, Autumn is my favourite time of year visually. Especially early autumn when its still warm enough to run around with bare legs and cardigans but the leaves are turning and the colours are just incredible. We recently took a trip to Rising Sun Country Park for some fresh air and horse spotting, we grabbed our best friends and threw leaves, made dens, climbed trees and had the most wonderful day. The light was just perfect and I couldn't resist snapping some beautiful photos of my beautiful girl - who lets face it, is autumn personified with those auburn curls.