Friday, 4 August 2017

Family Fun - Pick Your Own Farm.

We recently packed up the car and took a little weekend road trip down to Suffolk to visit family, so I thought I would share some of our adventures from our trip. Our original plan was to leave around bedtime on Thursday night so that Zoe would sleep for most of the 5-6 hour journey. It seemed like such a great idea which had totally worked the last time we travelled (when she was much younger and winter) however, it didn't work nearly as well as this time. We didn't factor in that it was the middle of July so BRIGHT sunshine until nearly 10pm at night, also she is now potty trained so despite putting a pull up on her (she still wears one at night) she was awake so still insisted on stopping to wee.

So despite our great plans and best intentions, we listened to non stop Disney songs and stopped at most of the service stations on the A1, arriving at nearly 11pm, BUT my little trooper was great and after a quick hello and milk pit stop, went straight off to bed.

One downside of being away from home, and also co-sleeping with a toddler, I was rudely awoken at 5am every morning while we were away. Thank HEAVENS for the Kindle Fire which bought me at least 40 minutes of dozing time each morning. Although note to self, take your coffee machine with you next time, the countryside might be beautiful and peaceful and green, but there are no coffee shops anywhere, not one.

On day two we took a trip to a nearby Alder Carr Farm to pick some raspberries (sadly we were a bit too late for strawberries). It's something I have wanted to do with Zoe for a while, but not having a car makes it a bit more difficult to visit farms, another minus in the countryside column is the lack of public transport (city girl fo lyf!)

Alder Carr Farm is lovely, it has a wonderful farm shop filled with delicious produce and locally sourced ingredients and a great little cafe with the most wonderful cake selection. There is not much else for children to do, but Zoe really enjoyed picking (and eating) the raspberries, spotting the juiciest ones hidden out of sight.

We ended up with two HUGE punnets of raspberries and a slightly sticky toddler, but we had lots of fun. Sadly we had to pack up and travel home the following day so didn't get a chance to make anything with the raspberries, but I am reliably informed they were turned into jam and cake after we left.

I really enjoyed snapping these pictures and getting to grips with my new camera lens (50mm is EVERYTHING guys) so I am just going to leave these pictures here... I hope you love them as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the countryside!

I've already had messages so just editing to add that Zoe's skirt is from Tu at Sainsburys and her hat is M&S.



  1. Hari OM
    Oh that brought back childhood memories!!! It was a regular and frequent family thing to do when we lived in Suffolk. Then the trips up to Scotland for the 'summers' were usually a night time roar up the old A1, stopping at the 'cats ears' petrol station for refreshments and fuel. ... happy days! Zoe looks totally at home in the field &*> YAM xx

  2. We recently took our 2 year old to pick strawberries and she loved it! I think it's a great experience for little ones to find where food actually comes from!

  3. Laura Rocksteady9 August 2017 at 12:38

    We love doing PYO in the summer months, such a lovely simple pleasure! Gorgeous photos btw.
    Just popping over from Days out with a Toddler linky

    Laura x

  4. You got some gorgeous photos there

  5. Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash16 August 2017 at 17:26

    Ah my girls love fruit too and get through loads. I'm sure if they heard about pyo farms they'd have to be weighed before and after! #daysoutwithatoddler

  6. 50mm lens ftw! Awesome photos of a fab day out. Thanks for joining #daysoutwithatoddler this month - see you again soon :)

    So glad you've got your blogging mojo back :)

  7. Great pictures. I'm glad you are enjoying your lens, I haven't found one I love yet. I've had the same problem traveling on a summer evening, argh to long days of sunlight!

  8. We have a lovely PYO near us, we should go!


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