Sunday, 9 July 2017

Oh hey, fancy seeing you here.

Well well well, it's been a while huh?

I would usually start a post like this with an apology, an apology for lack of posts, or for being quiet, but you know what? I needed a break. I have been blogging for just shy of 8 years, and I was feeling like I was done, like I had nothing to say anymore. I took a step back, but couldn't quite bring myself to cancel my domain subscription.

I still LOVE blogs, I read a lot, but I still felt like my voice was feeling inauthentic, quiet, and lacking focus.

Did my break resolve those feelings? No, probably not. However, I did realise that I miss doing this. I miss sharing my life and my thoughts in this way, it is something I love doing so I decided to push back the self doubt and do this just for me. Don't worry I will try not to bore you with incessant naval gazing and pondering of the meaning of life. It'll be the usual yummy recipes, glimpses of life and family fun, and sharing family memories.

So, without further ado...

P.S How have you been?! What have you been up to? Tell me everything I missed!



  1. Hari OM
    Oh it is good to see you H&Z, looking glowing and happy!!! Absolutely no apologies are ever required in blogging; it is after all nothing more than an 'open air' journal and we can use it exactly however we choose to. If that means there are going to be months not recorded, so be it. It is a fun place to be though and am looking forward to seeing more of your recipes and news. Up here in the Bonny Land we are lamenting the summer which never arrived and about the only major event is the ongoing saga of tenement roofing repairs.. . yeeech. YAM xx

  2. Hi Yamini! Thank you so much for always commenting on my blogs. I heard a little about your roof repair issues, hope it gets resolved soon. We are off down south visiting this weekend so I am hoping to see some of that sun we hear so much about! :)

  3. Welcome back! Nice to see you post again.


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