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Sunday Moment - 8th January

1. I took Zoe to the cinema this week, we haven't been to the cinema since she was a non-walking baby, but she has really gotten into films recently and I thought she might enjoy it. We went on a Tuesday when the tickets are cheap and went to the Studio screening at our local Empire, which is a much smaller room (less than 40 seats) so if she didn't like it we could just leave and not have lost too much. She wasn't a fan of the fold down seats as she didn't weigh enough to stop them springing back up again, so she sat on my knee but was completely engrossed by the film; Moana. I would highly recommend Moana to any parents, its such a beautiful film with some fantastic music.

2. Zoe got a Mini Micro Scooter for Christmas and has loved scooting around the house with it, so this week we braved the cold to try it outside. Sadly the adventure was short lived as it was fairly icy and cold, and Zoe took the opportunity to ditch the scooter and make a run for the road. So being the chill parent I am, I picked her and the scooter up and marched us home. I think we will save the scooter for a more enclosed space and for slightly warmer weather. Any tips on scootering with a toddler who likes danger are appreciated.

3. I have been off this week with Zoe, which has been wonderful. We have been getting back to normality after Christmas and I've enjoyed cooking and preparing food again! I am back on the Meal Plan bandwagon and Zoe has even been helping in the kitchen a bit! She loved helping arrange the topping on these wrap pizzas.

4. And so it begins... The dreaded potty training. We have been contemplating it for a while and introduced Zoe to the potty and the idea a few months ago. This week I took the opportunity to try no-nappies. She has taken to it like a total champ with only a couple of accidents (usually when she is engrossed in an activity) in all honesty I am not entirely sure what to do next, but I am doing what I always do and following Zoe's lead. She is back at the childminder tomorrow so we need to have a chat on how to move forward but she is really enjoying being a big girl and using her potty. I'll definitely share some tips once we've cracked it.

5. I thought I would give a little wedding update, we are very much still in the early ideas stage but we have definitely decided to keep it as low key and affordable as possible. We are planning to check out an evening venue in the next couple of weeks and we are looking at dates in autumn.

6. Zoe has really started to enjoy playing with her tablet recently. We bought her a Kindle Fire last Christmas when there was a great black Friday deal on, but she hasn't really taken much of an interest until now. We are trying to decide on an appropriate amount of screen time for her at the moment, and have downloaded a lot of educational apps, one in particular has really helped her get to grips with colours. It is amazing seeing her pick up technology so quickly, Paul is keen to get her into coding and other geekery as soon as possible. Any toddler appropriate app suggestions?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.