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Sunday Moment - 29th January

I didn't do a Sunday Moment last week, as I was travelling back from my weekend in Leeds. I spent the weekend with the most amazing bunch of women, but I wanted to save that for another post, so keep an eye out for that one.

1. This week me and Paul went to look at a potential evening wedding venue, and the registry office we want to get married in. We absolutely loved both, so come payday we will be paying deposits and setting dates! I don't want to say anything just yet as its not booked but watch this space! We stopped at Flatcap Joes for a celebratory coffee after, a little hint the venue is under 10 minutes walk to Flatcaps.

2. Is it just me has January been 78 days long so far?! Seriously, longest month ever. I sat down on Tuesday night thinking "wow this has been a long week" and it was only Tuesday. It's a hard month with everyone being skint or frugal, and the cold damp weather. I'll be glad to see the back of January. And high five for a couple of 4 weekend months ahead!

3. I am definitely having a "my baby is all grown up" moment right now. Zoe is fully talking now and sometimes when I look at her I get a glimpse of the child she is becoming. Her baby features are fading and I am equal parts sad that she isn't a baby anymore and immensely proud of the kid she is becoming. She needs to stop growing so quickly though, she is so so tall. I got these Gap dungarees in the sale a few weeks ago in size 3y thinking she'd have room to grow and they are so short on the leg! The trouble is she is tall but slim, so sleeves and legs are short but everything is baggy. Need to start stocking up on the next size clothes. Recommendations for longer/slimmer fitting clothes brands appreciated.

4. PLEASE tell me I am not the only mother who starts breaking out in a cold sweat over these types of activities. We DO NOT do this at home, mainly because we rent our house and its wall to wall cream carpets but... I was so on edge. My lovely friend Alyssa invited me over and set up this activity for the kids. Zoe had an absolute blast but I was so on edge and hovering with the baby wipes. I am suddenly very thankful for our childminder who does this with Zoe all the time.

5. I just have to tell you about my new favourite item of clothing. In fact I am wearing it as I type this post! This Mother Like No Other jumper was my little january sale treat to myself and I am SO GLAD I bought it. I sometimes worry with some of the Mama Merch stuff that its made for slim people and wouldn't suit me, but this is so snuggly and a really nice comfy fit. I am an 18-20 (UK) and sized up to the XXL which was perfect for me as I prefer a baggy fit.

6. I had a playdate with a wonderful friend and her little boy yesterday, someone who since maternity leave we had lost touch a little, so it was wonderful to catch up. I set up all the happyland sets before they arrived but obviously it all got trashed within minutes, but everyone had fun. I'm making it a bit of a personal challenge to try and reconnect with the people I love who I've lost touch with a little this past year, with work and toddlerhood. Friends are so important.

How was your week? Anything to report?