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Meal Planning Like a Boss - 1st January

Guys, I am so rusty. I haven't planned or properly cooked in so long. Its all been off the cuff panic cooking or a lazy click on Just Eat. I was literally scrolling for a full 5 minutes looking for a vaguely recent food photo to accompany this post and all I could find was my Christmas dinner, which I didn't even cook! Oh dear.

Things need to change

I am feeling that scary, anxious, out of control feeling in my tummy and I need to make lists and plans. So here I am, back to meal planning and hopefully I will stick to it for a while. With weddings to pay for we need to be frugal and not throw money away on takeaways out of sheer laziness. So I am taking the bull by the horns and setting myself a goal of completing and blogging my weekly meal plan each week in January, as well as photographing my food again, which I actually find really helpful (be sure to follow my #therealnellyeats hashtag over on instagram)

Monday: Bangers and mash with carrots and broccoli

Tuesday: Beef lasagne with salad.

Wednesday: King prawn egg fried rice

Thursday: Pork chops with potatoes and vegetables

Friday: Homemade pizza

Saturday: Tuna pasta bake

Sunday: Roast chicken

I am off work this week so I have planned breakfasts and lunches for me and Zoe too. I have taken a cupboard and freezer inventory so our weekly shop this week should be fairly small with just a couple of fresh bits of fruit and vegetables needed.

Anyone else back on the meal plan bandwagon? Please share yours below too so I can get some inspiration!