Monday, 2 January 2017

Meal Planning Like a Boss - 1st January

Guys, I am so rusty. I haven't planned or properly cooked in so long. Its all been off the cuff panic cooking or a lazy click on Just Eat. I was literally scrolling for a full 5 minutes looking for a vaguely recent food photo to accompany this post and all I could find was my Christmas dinner, which I didn't even cook! Oh dear.

Things need to change

I am feeling that scary, anxious, out of control feeling in my tummy and I need to make lists and plans. So here I am, back to meal planning and hopefully I will stick to it for a while. With weddings to pay for we need to be frugal and not throw money away on takeaways out of sheer laziness. So I am taking the bull by the horns and setting myself a goal of completing and blogging my weekly meal plan each week in January, as well as photographing my food again, which I actually find really helpful (be sure to follow my #therealnellyeats hashtag over on instagram)

Monday: Bangers and mash with carrots and broccoli

Tuesday: Beef lasagne with salad.

Wednesday: King prawn egg fried rice

Thursday: Pork chops with potatoes and vegetables

Friday: Homemade pizza

Saturday: Tuna pasta bake

Sunday: Roast chicken

I am off work this week so I have planned breakfasts and lunches for me and Zoe too. I have taken a cupboard and freezer inventory so our weekly shop this week should be fairly small with just a couple of fresh bits of fruit and vegetables needed.

Anyone else back on the meal plan bandwagon? Please share yours below too so I can get some inspiration!



  1. Sounds like a good week! I haven't meal planned yet but I will!

  2. Hari OM got me at the home made pizza! I will be travelling (from tomorrow) for a couple of months, so any dietary behaviour will be governed by the prevailing kitchens... but of course, I have the control of portions. That much I can do... wishing every success as you begin the year afresh. YAM xx

  3. Good luck with the meal planning! You sound very organised.
    Ohh! King prawn egg fried rice. I could just eat that now :)

  4. Travelling? Sounds exciting! Anywhere nice?

  5. Sounds good. I've just went through my freezer and cupboard and planned meals around what we already had in - it's amazing what you actually have in your cupboards once you start looking.

  6. off to Mumbai for January then Sydney in Feb! 😊 Yxx

  7. Catherine Hooper3 January 2017 at 12:26

    It all sounds so delicious! we are aiming for more batch cooking, slow cooking and soup,. need to save some dosh and kick start the diet!

  8. Loving the sound of this. It's my aim this weekend to meal plan as after a first week back at work (and ten months maternity) I'm a little out of touch with meal planning. Looking forward to some inspiration :-)


All comments are greatly loved;

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