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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 9th January

I STUCK TO MY PLAN! We ended up dropping the prawn fried rice, as we had so much leftover lasagne, but apart from that we were 100% on plan and it felt amazing. I did nip back to Aldi to buy bananas, cheese and milk mid-week but it came in under £5 so my weekly shop (including nappies) came in under £30.

I am feeling even more determined now, with wedding plans starting to form the need to be frugal and save is bigger than ever. So with that in mind I am really challenging myself to spend as little as possible - so that means no more coffee on the way to work, or thursday treat sushi etc... Wish me luck!

Monday: Leftover roast chicken fried rice.

Tuesday: Lasagne.

Wednesday: Prawn pesto pasta.

Thursday: Sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice (kale).

Friday: Bangers and mash with vegetables.

Saturday: Marinated chicken thighs with baked potato and salad.

Sunday: Corned beef and potato pie.

Breakfast this week at work will be porridge, and lunch will either be leftovers of the above or soup/avocado toast.

My shopping list for this week looks like this;

500g lean mince
Butter (block for pie and white sauce)
Sweet potato x4
Potato x 4
Porridge oats
Avocado x2
Small brown loaf

Which should come in at under £15 if I can avoid adding too much above this. What is everyone else having this week? I am thinking of starting a Meal Plan Like a Boss linky to allow others to link up and share their own plans, what do you think?