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Linky: Meal Plan Like a Boss (FREE PRINTABLE)

I was about 80% on plan this week, but I had a damn good reason. On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment to have a tooth extracted. It went much better than I expected but I still didn't fancy cooking a lasagne after and ended up eating chips (soft and bland). BUT the way I see it is I can roll that meal over to next week.

This week I am only planning Monday - Friday as I am going away for the weekend to Leeds with my best friends, to meet my internet best friends. I am so excited! The need to be frugal is even bigger if I am to have any gin money.

Monday: Leftover corned beef and potato pie with boiled potatoes and carrots.

Tuesday: Cottage Pie.

Wednesday: Risotto - either prawn or salmon, I haven't decided yet.

Thursday: Chicken enchiladas.

Friday: Homemade pizzas

Breakfast this week at work will be porridge or fruit, and lunch will either be leftovers of the above or soup/avocado toast/things brought from home.

I find writing down my meal plan in blog form super helpful, and if I blog it I am much more likely to stick to it. However, I also write it down and stick it up in my kitchen so that others in the house can see it (and try to remember to take things out of the freezer in time). I have had all sorts of cool planners and calendars for this over the years but none have been 100% my style so I decided to make my own! I designed it in black and white as I don't tend to have colour ink in my printer plus monochrome is cool right? Anyway, I decided to make it available as a FREE PRINTABLE for you guys to use too, if you like.

Download; Meal Plan Like a Boss Printable.

I have also decided to add a little linky to my weekly meal plan, so that other meal planning bloggers can link in one place, mainly as a source of inspiration and to get ideas from everyone else, but also to help build a little community of meal plan bosses. I regularly get comments from a hardcore few (hey Kim *waves) but I would love to see a few more and check out their plans too! So if you are a blogger who meal plans, let linking! (I will try to share as many as I can through social media and use the hashtag #mealplanlikeaboss - also how would people feel about the occasional twitter chat exchanging tips?)