Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 vs 2017

I hate resolutions, the stereotypical making a breaking of vague and unattainable goals is just not my bag. However, I do enjoy looking back on the things that have happened this year and making plans. Not wishes or dreams but attainable objectives that I can stick to. Although, that being said I set myself some goals back in January 2016 and only actually achieved one of them. Does that mean I stop making plans and striving for something? No. Learn and grow.

So 2016 was pretty crappy in the world, with Brexit and Trump and so many people dying. However, I feel like personally it was a pretty big year! I got a new job back in February and actually really love it, I feel like I have a path and can see a career in the distance, which feels pretty good.

I also had a bit of news back in November which I neglected to share... I got engaged! Only took nearly 11 years but we finally made the mutual decision to put a ring on it.

Zoe has also bossed this year, shes growing like a weed, eating like Duane "The Rock" Johnson in training, and is turning into an amazing little girl. She knows all of the words to Let It Go from Frozen and has mastered counting to 14 and climbing up to the highest slide at softplay on her own. Boss.

I finally I found my people this year, I posted about finding your Village back in March 2015 but I feel like I got this so much more this year. I joined an online group on facebook, which I heard about through a friend and honestly I have never met a more amazingly inspiration group of women. I am even heading to Leeds in a few weeks to meet about 90 of them! I feel much more "me" this year and credit them a lot with that self discovery and confidence.

So, 2017. What do I want to happen? What are my goals?

Firstly, work-wise I have some training goals and would like to get my head down, work hard and hopefully get some sort of promotion or payrise, or at least be working towards that goal in a positive way.

Secondly, get married! I haven't hidden the fact here that we are pretty skint a lot of the time thanks to childcare costs and just life, so I would like to manage to get married in a fairly frugal and low key way. If you'd like me to I can share those plans here?

Thirdly, I would like to let my creative side out this year. I did a bit of designing last year for Punky Moms and created these rad stickers. I'd like to create a few more things and find time to be creative.

Last but not least, I need to be more organised at home. I work 30 hours a week now and have a spirited two year old, so house things have fallen a little by the wayside. We are in damage limitation mode rather than getting ahead of things. So, I'd like to get back to meal planning, maybe set up a cleaning rota of some kind (tips welcome!) and just feel a little more in control at home.

P.S One more thing that I would like, but not sure I can squeeze in, is more blogging. I miss this, I miss you... Lets talk more, OK?



  1. Hari OM
    ...well we miss seeing your take on life here at the blog, so just plug in what you can when you can; the time thing is understandable, with Zoe and all... but hey CONGRATULATIONS!!! Definitely share-worthy!!! Meeting up with fellow bloggers has proven to be a real bonus I had never expected when I began the process... I imagine the same would apply to your FB group; having such things to look forward to makes the year look very promising. Onwards and upwards I say... Happy New Year!!! YAM xx

  2. Yeah to sharing your wedding plans please :D

  3. OK will do, although I am not sure it'll take much planning. lol

  4. All great goals to have! I'll be happy to see you blogging more again too. It's hard to find the time around kids and work isn't it. Do check out as you like it for a wedding venue. They have some really reasonable packages. I've missed another punky meet up again. I don't know why I never see these things!

  5. Catherine Hooper5 January 2017 at 10:13

    Ooh how exciting some great things on the horizon! I love hearing wedding plans!


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