Monday, 12 December 2016

The Picky Mama's Gift Guide

In my experience becoming a mother, while being super rewarding, is also a total game changer. You stop thinking of things that you want and spend most of your spare money (ha!) on your little womb fruit. Making sure they have a magical Christmas trumps any wishlist of yours. All conversations with family members centre on what to buy the kid and if you do get asked what you'd like, your mind goes blank, or at least mine does.

Don't get me wrong there is plenty I lust after but I spend most of the year denying myself things or letting mama guilt control my purchases, that the idea of something just for me feels a little bit naughty. So, if you have a mama in your life who gets that 'deer in headlights' look when you ask her what she'd like for Christmas, or even says 'oh nothing, just buy for the kids'... I put together this little guide of lovely things she might appreciate;

p.s - I have tried to focus on independant businesses in this gift guide, as I am sure we all know shopping small is where it is at, support you're local mama gang and all that...

Mama Merch

I am a sucker for this stuff. A lovely snuggly sweatshirt or a kick ass tote and I am a happy mama.

1. Haus of Mono Strong as Hell Tote - I actually treated myself to this as it not only looks good, but makes me think of the these tune from the Unbreakable Kimi Schmitt - Females are Strong as Hell!

2. Punky Moms Achievement Stickers - OK, so I may be completely biased here (I designed these bad boys) but these make a super cute stocking filler for any mama needing a boost. Also Punky Moms has a shop stuffed full of amazing products, I am eyeing up the Girl Gang Sweater so hard right now.

3. BloodyNoraPam Too Tired Sweatshirt - I am sure there are plenty of parents who feel this sentiment, they also do a super cute pin too.

4. Mere Soeur Frida Nipple Pin - I am loving the new products from Mere Soeur, perfect for those breastfeeding mamas in your life. Although they do have a lot of non breastfeeding related products too, worth checking out.

5. W&F Paracord Bracelet - I am a big fan of my W&F mama bracelet, although I am dying to get one of these paracord versions, a bit more durable and long lasting. (currently sold out)

6. Lucky Little Penny Lunar Bracelet - I love these little personalized bracelets, they also make keyrings and other personalised bits and bobs.

Foodie Gifts.

Coffee is a HUGE part of my life, although I get not everyone is as into it but something a bit fancy or an indulgence of her favourite food/drink would be good. Maybe she loves cooking new and unusual things, or indulging in some sweet treat once the kids are in bed (some things are not made for sharing)

1. Ouseburn Coffee Co This is a fantastic coffee company that is local to me and make the most wonderfully rich and delicious coffee. Check them out for the coffee lovers in your life.

2. Floral Frosting Bakery Macarons - A wonderful mama run business selling the cutest little macarons in an array of wonderful flavours. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they are also VEGAN and Gluten Free!

3. A Kind Mama Vegan Mixed Treat Box Who wouldn't love a box full of homemade vegan goodies delivered to their door? These treats are seriously made with love and would make the perfect gift for mamas with a sweet tooth.

4. Spicery Spice Box For those who love cooking and trying new things, this is the perfect gift. As an added bonus you'll probably get the sample the outcome, so win-win.

A subscription - the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

1. Embellish Box - for the crafty mamas in your life, this is a new subscription box all about paper cutting.

2. Silly Panda CSP Subscription Box - For the eco warrior mama in your life. (CSP stands for Cloth Sanitary Protection)

3. Pin club - for the pin addict mama in your life

4. Pandora's Box - For the wonderful weirdo mama in your life - this one isn't a subscription but a one off curiosity grab bag of mystery and wonder!

5. Fourth Tri Mag - A wonderful independent mama ran magazine - they are not currently offering subscriptions but you can pre-order the 3rd issue now!

A bit of me time/pampering.

I am sure every mama out there would be grateful of a little more time to unwind, pamper and indulge in a little self care. I don't have any links for this one as it is a fairly easy one to achieve. For me personally I would love a couple of hours in the house alone with a bag full of lush products and a good book. For others it might be half a day shopping solo, or a trip to a day spa. Don't under-estimate the power of a little time to yourself - so make plans to give the gift of time this Christmas.

What is on your Christmas list this year?



  1. Hari OM
    Some pretty things and good ideas there! Good to see a post - hope you are looking forward to the big family Christmas; am sure Zoe will get lots out of it this year! Mine will be very quiet in Dunoon, but am looking forward to it. YAM xx

  2. Great guide! I would love anything and everything on this list but then you know we have the same tastes!! I need that too tired jumper for reals! I went to buy some coffee for Papa Ginge on OCC yesterday and as I don't drink coffee I didn't have a scooby what I was doing so I may need your help with that!

  3. Thank you so so much for the feature, Helen! Alex xx


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