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A Lifestyle Change - Definitely not a diet.

As I mentioned in my recent Life Lately blog post, we've had a fairly hectic four months, with Paul working away and me working more it has been difficult to include a bit of self care in to daily life. I did so well through pregnancy and Zoe's first year to lose a fair amount of weight, I was comfortably in a size 16 and felt pretty damn good about it. Then the complacency set in, I started being lazy, I stopped exercising and my weight has started to creep back up. I can no longer button my size 16 jeans and I am feeling pretty crumby about it, if I am honest.

We've had a bit of a wake up call health wise recently and have decided as a family that we need to make a change, we need to change our lifestyle a little. Move more, eat less and just enjoy food again. With this in mind I decided to join Weight Watchers. I know a lot of people associate it with a fad diet but for me it is actually a really healthy way of regaining some control and to know how much I should be eating. I will be posting about my food and progress over on instagram as well as incorporating it into my meal plans. I will try not to be a complete diet bore, but I feel like it is important for us as a family to be healthier.

I will also be taking up running again, which I am actually really excited about. I'm also digging out my Fitbit to try and just increase my activity daily and we have lots of family activities planned at weekends. I am really feeling positive about this right now, so I am hopeful we can make some real changes to our lifestyle; less sitting in front of the telly, more stomping around the countryside.

So, wish me luck! If you are also aiming to get healthy feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook and we can do it together! The picture above is me on day one, so watch this space for progress.