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Meal Planning "Monday" - 3rd August.

With all of the changes to our routine recently, meal planning has fallen by the wayside a little. With only really cooking for myself 4 days a week I have fallen a little out of love with cooking. By the time I get Zoe to sleep it is normally after 7pm and cooking something extravagant is the last thing on my mind. I end up relying on frozen pizza or pasta and pesto, or lately take-away. It is less than ideal and I am not happy. I want to fall in love with cooking again, I want to look forward to meals and focus a little on my health. It is not so much about my waistline, more how I feel. I am sluggish and bloated all the time, and eating out of boredom and for the sake of it.

I am totally over this, and want to change. I know I probably say this a lot but I am not going to go into diet mode anymore, I am not following any plan, I am setting myself small goals to hopefully change the way I operate for good. Deprivation or strict rules do not work for me long term, I need to focus on what I love about food, and love myself a little more.

So, my goals for this week;

1. Drink more water (2 litres a day)

2. Drink less caffeine - I do love a good coffee, but I am spending too much money and feel like I could cut down on this and have them as a treat rather than a daily habit.

3. Cook 1 new recipe - start small and plan one new dish that excites me.

4. Scale back on snacks - I am not anti-snack, but I need to make healthier choices and not eat out of boredom or loneliness in the evenings.

5. Do more - Sitting watching Gilmore Girls is fun, sure, but I need to get up and move, keep up with housework, do yoga, anything, just move!

So there we go 5 weekly goals, hopefully I can form some new healthier habits, I'll update next meal plan to see how it goes.

Without further ado, onto the meal plan. This is a bit of a weird week as Paul and Zoe are off, while I am at work, so meals will be factoring them in this week.

Breakfast: Skinny Latte and banana
Lunch: Chicken and Veg soup with brown bread
Dinner: Tuna pasta bake with added roasted veg for me.
Snacks: Rice cakes and hummus, plums.

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Chicken and Veg soup with brown bread
Dinner: King Prawn pesto spaghetti
Snacks: Apple and yoghurt

Breakfast: Boiled egg and toast
Lunch: Baked sweet potato with hummus and salad.
Dinner: Salmon egg fried rice
Snacks: Rice cakes and hummus, apple

Breakfast: porridge with banana and honey
Lunch: Baked sweet potato with hummus and salad.
Dinner: Weeknight roast chicken with mash potato and vegetables.
Snacks: Snack a jacks, plums

Breakfast: cereal and coffee
Lunch: Toasties with dippy veg sticks.
Dinner: Lasagne or spag bol.

What's on the menu for you this week?