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Sunday Moment - 1st May

1. We found this book in a local charity shop for 50p, it is such a hoot to read and Zoe laughed her little head off when the dinosaur started pooping! There's this one page which just has the word POO! on it, which she found hilarious and kept going back to. She still doesn't quite have the attention span for a whole story, but she's understanding more and more, which is great.

2. I have been practising my back wrapping this week in preparation for helping out at a back wrapping workshop, while I do carry Zoe most days I tend to stick to the same 1-2 carries, so I branched out and tried a double hammock - so very comfy. I'm feeling inspired to try a few more carries, so if this is your sort of thing - follow me on instagram!

3. I started running again. I retired breifly for winter but with the light nights I decided to get back out there. I still need to sort my eating out (she says eating pizza while typing) but I do feel better getting out and working up a sweat. My sister is my running buddy which is great, we motivate each other.

4. Me and Paul managed to get an overnight babysitter last Saturday and headed out on the town to celebrate a friends birthday. It was great to know we could stay out late and drink freely without worrying about Zoe, or getting up super early etc... Although, we may have taken it a bit far and the two day hangover was HARD!

5. I helped at the aforementioned back wrapping class yesterday and had SO MUCH FUN! I am still learning and I'm a bit awkward showing others how to do things, something you do a lot is tough to breakdown and explain. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and felt more confident when they left, which felt good. Oh and if you are local to the North East and you're interesting in babywearing, check out Parenting North East. They are a great company who do lots of fantastic things.

6. I left Zoe with Paul yesterday, so managed to sneak in a little mama lunch date with myself. Pre-baby I hated being alone and would have never gone to lunch alone. Now, in all honesty, the chance to eat a meal and drink coffee alone, while reading a book or even just catching up on twitter uninterrupted is pure bliss. So I decided to head to Lola Jeans in Newcastle and it really was the perfect place, great music, brilliant menu. I can't wait to head back to sample the cocktails.

Hope everyone else had a great week and are enjoying the long Bank Holiday weekend.