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Sunday Moment 15th May

1. Last Wednesday was the final Wednesday my sister was having Zoe before she starts her new job properly, and Zoe starts her new childminder. We have been incredibly fortunate that my lovely sister was able to condense her hours to look after Zoe for us one day a week. We will be eternally grateful for the last 8 months, not only the small fortune it saved us, but also the wonderful bond that Zoe and her Auntie now have. To say thank you we went for afternoon tea at St Mary's Inn near Morpeth, it was such a lovely day and I am so glad I was able to say a proper thank you; with cake.

2. I have been running again! My running buddy has been on holiday but I still managed to head out a couple of times. I still need to work on consistency but I definitely feel myself improving slowly. I am thinking of adding a couple of other workouts, I've found some youtube videos which look doable, so watch out for that! (you should follow me on snapchat, nellyscupcakes, if you want to see snippets of my sweaty face lol)

3. WAAHHHH! My trusty and very much over worked stick blender/processor broke! I use it all the time for chopping onions and making hummus and other sauce/dips. I am a little bit devastated if I am honest, as we are loving homemade roasted garlic hummus at the moment. So I am currently doing some research on small processors vs larger models and what would work best for me, recommendations loved.

4. As well as the aforementioned exercise, I have been trying to eat better. I am keeping track of things using My Fitness Pal (nellyscupcakes, follow me!) and so far so good. I am only about a week in but I am feeling determined and keen to get back into my size 16 jeans.

5. Everyone enjoying the sunny weather?! Last weekend we took a trip to Rising Sun Country Park, which isn't far from us and loved running around, visiting the farm and eating Lemon shortbread squares in the sunshine. Despite slathering on the sun cream I managed to miss a perfect circle on my back, which has resulted in sunburn. Made me feel less bad for keeping Zoe covered up when other babies were running around in nappies.

6. I am a huge lover of instagram, its my favourite social media platform (although snapchat is climbing the list) and this month I have been taking part in the Tattooed Tea Lady photo challenge (#ttlmaymamachallenge) and I've really enjoyed it! It is up to day 15 and I have yet to miss a day, unheard of for me. If you too are an instagram lover, you should check it out, I have found some great new accounts to follow through it.

Did everyone have a good week?