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Meal Planning Monday - 9th May

A little late this week, but better late than never eh? I had a really busy weekend in the sunshine, and then a full on day at work, topped off with solo bedtime! Phew, needless to say I am having a ice cool bottle of beer and putting my feet up as I write this.

This week we are as always trying to be frugal and use things from the freezer, we have a sort of (but not really) unexpected extra childcare expense, due to switching providers mid-month and upping her hours, however my pay won't reflect the change until the end of next month... The beauty of being paid in arrears and paying childcare in advance. So, we are doing a lot of looking under sofa cushions and penny pinching this month.

Monday - Prawn pesto pasta, still a big favourite, especially on those mad days when you don't get a chance to breathe until 7pm.

Tuesday - Salmon egg fried rice, anyone else feel the meal plans are getting repetitive? This is another favourite of ours, with the warm weather its perfect.

Wednesday - I am heading to St Marys Inn for afternoon tea with Zoe and my Sister at 2pm, so not expecting to be wanting any dinner after stuffing my face with scones!

Thursday - I am out for colleagues leaving do, so I will probably be eating out, or grabbing a quick bite at work to save pennies. Paul is at home with Zoe so they are planning a tuna pasta bake.

Friday It is my day at home, so I'm planning on making pork chops with some sort of potato and veg.

So there you have it, I am on the hunt for some new summery/light meal ideas, if anyone had any favourites?

Also, ideas for making a bit of extra ££ welcome. LOL