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Meal Planning Monday - 2nd May

Treated myself to a delicious sandwich at Lola Jeans on Saturday

Back to the daily grind after a lovely long bank holiday weekend. Not that I'm complaining, I do love a bit of a routine. Last week didn't really go to plan, I made so much lasagne on Tuesday we ended up eating leftovers for 3 days! We have sat down and written an inventory, to try and use what we have, rather than buying unnecessary things and wasting money.

So without further ado...

Monday - Chicken Enchiladas, I have some sour cream left over from a cake I made yesterday so Mexican sounds like a winner.

Tuesday - Prawn and Pesto Pasta - Everyone loves this one, although I've never given Zoe prawns before so not 100% sure if she'll like them, but I know she will love the pesto pasta.

Wednesday - Bangers and Mash, classic and never fails.

Thursday - Salmon Fried Rice, after bumping it two weeks in a row we should really make this.

Friday - Homemade pizza, cheaper than a takeaway and I will have all day to prep dough, as I am not at work.

So, all that will be on our shopping list this week is;

Tortilla wraps
Fresh fruit and vegetables (usually what is on offer at Aldi)
Flour (I used the last of it yesterday)

What is on your menu this week?