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Meal Planning Monday - 16th May

I am loving avocado and siracha at the moment

I am feeling very summery right now, and heavily craving light, healthy meals. I have really been enjoying making quick baked eggs/frittata using up veggies from the fridge. My current addiction is siracha chilli sauce, which I have been adding to everything! I have also been trying to save money (as always) and be more organised and planning my work lunches too. From today I will be working 4 days a week, as opposed to the 2.5 I have been doing, so it is even more important that I am organised. So you may notice some added detail to the meal plan.

I was also asked on instagram to do a post about meal planning for a toddler/baby. Which I am totally planning on doing, but not here. So look out for that separately.

So without further ado...


Breakfast: Porridge with banana and honey
Lunch: I usually go to M&S on a monday morning to pick up milk, a little loaf of bread and some banans for the week, so will pick up something for lunch (they sometimes have reduced count on us ready meals)
Dinner: Prawn pesto pasta - still enjoying this one.


Breakfast: Porridge with banana and honey
Lunch: Leftover prawn pesto pasta
Dinner: Caramelised onion sausages with new potatoes and salad.


Breakfast: coffee and fruit
Lunch: egg and avocado salad
Dinner: Slow cooker spag bol - with working more, the slow cooker is really helpful.


Breakfast: coffee and seeded toast
Lunch: leftover spag bol with a baked sweet potato.
Dinner: Pork egg fried rice - the same as the salmon one, but with diced pork.


Breakfast: Drop scones and fresh fruit - I am home with Zoe today, so fancy something treat-y.
Lunch: hummus with dippers - if you follow me on instagram you know this is our current favourite. I cut up lots of veg and pitta and we dip into hummus.
Dinner: Homemade pizzas - using up any leftover veggies and sandwich meat (ham).

Hope everyone has a great week and wish me luck in my new longer working week, no doubt by Friday I will be exhausted. I know most of you probably work full time and have zero sympathy, its just an adjustment. lol