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Sunday Moment - 3rd April

1. We have made the leap from Highchair to toddler table and chair this week, so far so good but I am dreading more messy meals though, as I am sure she will get up and wander and touch everything. The highchair was great, but my big girl is ready for a bit more independence.

2. Zoe got a couple of small eggs for Easter from family, she still has a lot left. We decided to not get her one this year, she is too little for that much chocolate, and to be totally honest, given the choice she would chose a banana over chocolate any day, so I am in no hurry to change that.

3/4. We spent some lovely days out in the countryside this week, my Auntie Hilary was staying, so we went out Geocaching a fair bit, which is a great way to get exploring. It was lovely now Zoe is walking strongly to see her toddle about outside, although our Connecta came in handy for when her little legs got tired. I love these pictures of us.

5. My Auntie was staying in a lovely cottage in Guidepost (near Morpeth) and I got to stay over for 2 nights. It was lovely to get away, felt like a holiday! I had such house envy, there was this beautiful kitchen with a dining area big enough for all of us. It was such a treat and has reignited my desire to save for our own house deposit. I'll be taking advantage of the government Help to buy ISA scheme on the 6th April.

6. My lovely Sister and her Husband made this amazing roast lamb on Easter Sunday, I never cook lamb as I am always convinced I don't like it... But Boy was I wrong! So very tasty... Oh and those parsnips though!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, and is enjoying the school holidays.