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Sunday Moment - 17th April

1. What a rainy week it's been! I don't mind the odd April shower but I could definitely do without the torrential downpours and hail stones. Thankfully we do still manage to get out in the sling when it rains. One of the most asked questions I get about babywearing is what I do in the rain. I used to be able to zip Zoe up inside my big coat, but now she is a bit bigger, I tend to put raincoats on us both (with hoods up) and use an umbrella. It works really well for us, so I've never seen the need to splurge on a babywearing coat.

2. Thursday was Sling Meet day in Newcastle at Jungle Jack in Eldon Square. It had been a while since we made it to a sling meet with me being at work, and also with Zoe being more active its tough to keep an eye on her and help people at the same time. Thankfully this week Paul had the day off work, so he came with us to keep Zoe entertained so I could help lots of lovely Mums learn how to babywear. There was an 11 day old baby there who was just so squishy and tiny, its hard to believe Zoe was ever that small.

3. Speaking of how big Zoe is getting, look at my little miss independent! I picked her up a little early from Nursery on Monday so we swung by the park on the way home. She insisted on carrying her own bag and wanted to walk on her own. I had visions of her going off to school! *sob*

4. I picked us all up some treats from Pet Lamb Patisserie on Thursday. Me and Zoe are big fans of their Youtube channel, and I can also confirm she is a HUGE fan of their vanilla cupcakes. Seconds after this photo was taken she shoved her face right into the frosting.

5. I got some baking done yesterday, I fancied trying to make some cookies. I always remember a Friends quote where Monica wants to be the Mom who makes the best chocolate chip cookies; I share this goal. These were Brown Butter Choc Chip Cookies, and they were really good. Look out for the recipe soon.

6. We have been pretty good at sticking to the meal plan recently, and went for chilli beef enchiladas on Friday. I was worried Zoe might find them a bit spicy, but she wolfed down the lot, and some of mine! So will be making these again.

How was your week? Get up to anything exciting?