Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday Moment - 10th April

1. On Monday I did something I haven't done for about 9 months and went out for a run. I was dreading it, it had rained all day and I had nearly text and cancelled about 20 times, but, I DID IT! And you know what? I enjoyed it! Me and my Sister have decided to try and go out twice a week.

2. I have also been attempting to be a bit better with food, although I am not being very successful. I can be an absolute angel all day, porridge for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch, fruit snacks, and then I get home and it all goes to pot! By the time Zoe is in bed I am ravenous, so I eat HUGE portions of dinner, snack on chocolate, pick, snack, glass of wine... Ugh. I need to stop, but my willpower is still in hibernation. Sigh.

3. I made doughnuts! Paul had the day off on Thursday which meant I could do some baking without toddler interruptions. They turned out really well, keep an eye on the blog next week for the recipe.

4. I finally got myself on snapchat! (@nellyscupcakes if you want to add me, although I feel old and lost on there if I am honest.) and tried one of these face swap thingy-ma-jigs that all the kids are doing. Frankly I am traumatised! Seriously it is like something from a horror film! LOL

5. We went to the beach last Sunday as a family, we grabbed a Flat White from the Ouseburn Coffee Company and wandered around Tynemouth Market, and then headed for the beach for ice cream and a run about. Zoe loved it, although she ate a little too much sand for my liking. The sling came in very handy when her legs got tired walking on the sand. (The sling is a Kokadi Ahoi in a size 4, I am rocking a reinforced ruck back carry, tied knotless)

6. We have been making a real effort to do more things as a family. When on maternity leave me and Zoe would go out and about a lot through the week, and we used weekends to chill out with Daddy. However, now I am back at work we get less chance to go out and do things, so we have pledged to go out each weekend and do something as a family. Even just a walk on the beach, or a trip to our local park. If anyone local has any suggestions for *affordable* activities for us, feel free to share!

How was your week?



  1. We find our National Trust and English Heritage memberships are a godsend when we can't think of anything to do. Not that expensive when paying by DD either.

  2. Hari OM
    Well done on the running - not a thing I was ever inclined to, even in my fittest years! I do enjoy walking, even though it is a challenge and this past weekend have been doing lots with my sister who came for a visit to Dunoon - feeling good for it, though the joints are groaning.

    .... perhaps I oughtta close my eyes when you post that donut recipe though... &*> YAM xx


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