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What's in my Changing Bag?

I can't be the only one who loves a little sneak peak into people's lives? I am such a nosy parker, and I am a total sucker for the 'What's in my handbag' type posts. So, I decided to do one of my very own. My actual handbag is mostly full of receipts and leaky pens, it is a mess and to be honest, since having Zoe and carrying a change bag I hardly even use a handbag.

When we are going out in the car, or with the buggy I use this Babymel Satchel, it was a gift from my Sister-in-law, and it has served us very well for the last 16 months. I love that it is not really girly, so Paul doesn't mind carrying it. It also has heaps of handy pouches and pockets for all the bits and pieces you need. When out and about in the sling I do use a different bag, but I may do a whole other post about that.

The contents of my bag has definitely changed and lessened as Zoe has gotten older, it used to be jam packed for every possible eventuality, with at least 6 changes of clothes and 17 nappies (breastfed baby poops, am I right?)

Over the past year I have definitely learned that less is more, and so these are our daily essentials;

Connecta Baby Carrier - This tends to be a staple of my changing bag if we are going out as a family as we all can use it. We are very much a babywearing family, and would pick the sling over the buggy any day, especially now Zoe is walking more, she hates being strapped into the buggy. If it is just me going out I'd probably pick a wrap or ring sling instead but the Connecta is a great carrier for the whole family, for back and front carrying, and it folds small enough to pop in a bag.

Change of Outfit - Zoe is less likely to do explosive poops these days, but she will spill or smoosh food or juice down her front. I tend to carry one complete outfit change just in case. Or at least a spare vest, tights and a couple of bibs. (when does the dribbling stop? I am so done with bibs!)

Nappies and wipes- A bit of a obvious one, I tend to carry 4 nappies and a pack of wipes if we are off out for the day.

Bepanthen & Bongela- To be honest these hardly get used out and about, but I keep them in a little pocket so I always know where they are if needed...

Dodies - This is what we call Dummy/pacifiers, Zoe still needs one to go to sleep and finds it comforting when tired. I always carry at least 3 spares. I am hoping to wean her off them by her second birthday. (tips would be loved)

SNACKS! I always carry snacks, emergency rations in case we are out and lunch is delayed, or just for mid-morning/afternoon snacks. Zoe loves her food, and can get a bit whingy if hungry. I love individually wrapped things, as it means they will get eaten in one go and won't go stale or spill into the bag. One of life's many mysteries is those HUGE bags of baby rice cakes, the number of half eaten bags of rice cakes that I've binned or fished out of the bottom of the change bag all sticky and fluffy. Yuk!

A current favourite are these Soreen Squidgy Cakes, great for on the go, although I prefer the original malt loaf flavour, Zoe loves them. We also tend to have either a banana or satsuma (natures individually wrapped fruit!), and a naked bar (mainly as I love them, so we share).

Munchkin 360 - We always tend to carry a cup of water, Zoe is a very thirsty girl, and while she has mastered a straw so we can buy drinks when out, I find it easier (and cheaper) to have something to hand. These Munchkin cups are great, as they help kids learn to drink from a proper cup, but without spillages.

Toys - Zoe's a big fan of these Mcdonalds Adventure Time toys, we have a few, and she loves swapping their heads and chatting to them. We also got this bottle of bubbles as a gift recently, and they are a perfect distraction during a trip to the park.

So, there you go, these are our daily essentials, looking at the pictures it looks like a lot, but this bag is a bit of a tardis, with lots of pockets for easy grabbing.

What's in your bag? Anything you're surprised I don't have?

I received a pack of Soreen Squidgy Cakes to try, but all opinions are my own.