Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ordinary Moments - Sunshine and Weeds

This is my first foray into the Ordinary Moments linky, I just love the idea that the simple things in life are the sweetest; it's such a lovely concept. Often you have these big expectations of days out or holidays, which cost a fortune but never quite live up to it. Then, you can have a totally unexpected ordinary moment that turns into the best day ever. We had one of these last Thursday so I thought I would share it with you...

I had been out to Cabana the night before and had a few caipirinhas, and while it wasn't a full blown hangover, I was feeling a little tired and lacking in drive to go anywhere. We did take an early morning stroll to Greggs for sausage sandwiches and coffee, it was already looking to be a lovely day even at 8am and we sat outside the cafe and watched the world go by for a while.

By the time we got home the sun well and truly had his hat on and we decided to stay outside in the garden. Now, in reality my garden is a little paved yard with some border beds, all full of weeds and wild flowers (for the bees). We don't spent much time in it and short of keeping it all trimmed back, I am in no way green fingered. That being said, I dragged out a big patchwork quilt to lay over the paving, Zoe's play tent, her tricycle and some newly acquired pavement chalk from Tiger, and set about having a fun day in our little oasis of weeds.

We spent the morning drawing colourful pictures on the path, cycling back and forth and just basking in the rare moment of warmth and sunshine. It was surprisingly lovely and teamed with background music provided by Lauren Laverne on 6Music and culminating in a picnic of all of our favourite things; pitta, hummus, cucumber and fig rolls. Just the perfect day.

As I type this it is actually snowing outside, in April, but I am hoping for many more lovely sunny days in the not to distant future. If anyone has any tips on jazzing up our little garden I'd gladly hear them; it is small and we don't want to spend a fortune, but I'd love it to be somewhere we can spend time in the summer.

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  1. Hari OM
    That sounds like my kinda day! It is a bit crazy, this April weather (sun is out here, but it just sleeted heavily at the same time...??!!! I was always a 'frilly-edged- gardener myself; I made the effort to dig up all the grass (it DOES take time to get all the root-stock out but it is worth it), then planted with lots of various pelargoniums and geraniums. They are virtually maintenance-free, only needing the occasional pruning. They can grow quite large and shrub-like - not just pot plants! With the scented varieties there is the added advantage of brushing past and getting wafts of apple, or mint and such. In amongst them, you can still seed some of the taller wildflowers to, but the bees and 'buttiepillars' love the geranium flowers too... YAM xx


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