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Sunday Moment - 26th March

1. Zoe got her level 4 starfish award this week. We have been going to swimming lessons since she was 11 weeks old, and I am so glad we stuck it out. Yes, it is expensive, but as I was such a terrible swimmer and general scaredy cat around water as a child I am desperate for Zoe to be water confident. It is lovely to see her so happy in the water, she kicks and splashes and propels herself around the pool (using a noodle), she also jumps in from the side independently and turns and reaches for the side. It makes me so proud and I hope she carries on loving water. If you are local to me (North-East) I can highly recommend Squidgers Swim School in Whitley Bay.

2. Anyone else get out in the sun on Good Friday?! We nipped to the local shops, without coats! It was so lovely to be able to carry Zoe in the sling without piling on the layers, and the world just seems like such a happier place when the sun is shining. I think I am still a little high from all the vitamin D!

3. I love this picture of us, even if it is just a shameless lift selfie taken in Primark. I love that I can still carry Zoe, even though she is getting bigger (and heavier). This is a Didymos Houndstooth Ringsling, which I had made by Rock Solid Slings.

4. After my moan last week about the cost of kids shoes, I found these little cuties in TKMaxx. Not bad for only £9.99. I am hanging on for a Clarks or Startrite sale before I get her a 'proper' pair. Although these are perfect and fit really well.

5. In the immortal words of Lorelai Gilmore; Coffee, coffee, coffee... I love my coffee. I have a great Delonghi machine at home, which makes delicious espresso and has a steam spout for making my favourite flat white. I recently moved into a new office at work, and someone bought a Nespresso innisia machine, I really want to like it, you know because George Clooney does, but I just can't get on board with just americano or adding a bit of milk. If anyone has any tips for making flat whites without having to buy an £80 Aeroccino, that'd be great.

6. Last Saturday we went along to a fantastic free bubble show in Leazes Park. Jesse the Bubblologist (how cool is that job title!?) blew my mind with her giant bubbles. Zoe laughed and chased bubbles for an hour, it was so much fun I am seriously considering a bubble party for her 2nd birthday.

Hope everyone else had a lovely week, and are enjoying the long Easter weekend. We are up in Northumberland with family this weekend, enjoying the rain.