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Sunday Moment - 20th March

1. I feel like a terrible food blogger admitting this, but I have been reluctant to bake with Zoe. Honestly I just think she is too young to understand what we are doing, and in reality she just sat and ate the ingredients like we were having a post-lunch snack of chocolate covered rice crispies and mini eggs, no biggie.

2. We got a new washing machine! It is so white and shiny, and has lots of buttons and settings which I haven't even begun to explore fully. It has been on non-stop for the past 3 days catching up on the backlog of washing that had built up, our house was starting to look like New York when the garbage men were on strike... except with laundry obviously.

3. I finally feel like I am back to blogging this week, I have been working on a bit of recipe development with a brand this week, and got my fancy pants camera and new tripod out. I was worried I may have lost of mojo a little but honestly I am so pleased with these pictures, and cannot wait to share them with you all.

4. Here's a sneaky behind the scenes picture for you, when you do finally see the fancy pictures I was talking about above, remember that just beneath the lens was this whole heap of mess! Behind every perfect looking instagram shot, is a hidden pile of crap, remember that.

5. SMUG SPA PHOTO! I went to a spa last Thursday! Mineral Spa Newcastle to be exact. I had some training to do for work in the morning so Paul took the day off to watch Zoe, so when the invite to a blogger event came through for the afternoon it seemed like fate. I have never felt so relaxed in all my life. Review coming up on Wednesday.

6. STOP GROWING! Seriously, why do children's feet grow so fast? I love these glitter boots so much and I am really sad that they are getting snug. Also, why are children's shoes so expensive!? I am heading to the Clarks outlet at Royal Quays on Wednesday to hopefully bag a bargain *fingers crossed*.