Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday Moment - 13 March

1. Last Sunday we took a trip west to visit family for Mother's day. Travelling with a toddler is always fun, but thankfully we managed to get a table seat and keep Zoe entertained by spotting animals out of the window and playing with armrests. It was lovely to see family and we got a delicious home cooked Sunday roast to boot! It was a very long day though, and it was early nights all round.

2. We are still big fans of babywearing around here, yes she is getting heavier, but I really love having her close and not having to lug a buggy around. Although I am more than ready for some warmer weather, as babywearing in coats and puddle suits is a bit more of a challenge. We recently upgraded from a baby to a toddler sized Connecta, a review post is in the works.

3. I have had a few emails and comments about weaning recently, and although we have been on solid food for coming up to a year and its safe to say Zoe is pretty much weaned now, we are still learning and trying new things. Zoe's favourite foods change daily which is fairly frustrating, although I can always rely on good old lasagne and garlic bread to be demolished. I am planning a new series of toddler friendly meal ideas and recipes on the blog soon.

4. As well as making a mess with food, we've also been trying some new messy/creative activities. On Wednesday we made some Cloud Dough and had a whale of a time squishing and making different shapes; Zoe's favourite was the star shapes. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about it.

5. Yesterday we went out as a family to a photography studio in Hoults Yard, where the photographer Chris was looking for bearded blokes and their cute kids for a fun project.; Beards and Bairns. So, of course Paul took Zoe along. We won't get to see the results until next week, so I will keep you posted. Zoe was such a little superstar she slept the entire way home.

6. As I mentioned on Monday's Meal Plan post, I had a bit of a curry disaster last week, well, I tried again on Friday and the results exceeded expectations! Zoe absolutely devoured it, and even Paul liked it, despite it containing vegetables AND chickpeas!! I can see it becoming a meal plan staple. Stay tuned for a recipe.

How was your week?



  1. Hari om
    ...dealing with home maintenance issues, but otherwise quite ordinary! Love the idea of 'cloud dough'!!! YAM xx

  2. Looks like you've had a fun week Nelly! Love reading your blog it's always so cheerful and lovely. I have stolen your Meal Planning Monday idea for my own, too - thought it might help me shift a few pounds (stones!!) :-) Have a fab week xxx Amy

  3. Thanks Amy, love your blog too! The Meal Planning monday thing came from 'At Home with Mrs M' originally, it was a linky, although she doesn't post it as regularly anymore sadly.

  4. Ahh well we can keep the MPM flame burning bright!! :-D


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