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My top 5 Coffee Spots in Newcastle.

Anyone who follows me on instagram, or indeed knows me in person, will know of my love of good coffee. My idea of pure heaven is a decent flat white in a bustling coffee shop, just watching the world go by. I am a big fan of lattes and flat whites, I like strong but smooth coffee with a creamy milky finish. I probably spend far too much money enabling my coffee habit, but my reasoning is that I don't go out on the town or spend money on extravagant clothes or shoes, so I deserve a little treat now and again *cough* daily *cough*.

So with this in mind I thought I would share my favourite coffee spots in Newcastle upon Tyne. There are so many to chose from, but these are top of my go-to list.

Photo credit - Huge thank you to Chloe from New Girl in Toon

1. Flat Cap Joes - In my opinion this is the best Latte in Newcastle. Joe is an award winning barista and is so crazy knowledgeable about coffee, a visit to his cafe is a definite education in brewing methods. Sadly FCJ is slightly limited in opening times due to location (tucked away in the basement of a shop on Ridley Place) so doesn't open before 10am, so I can't get my workday morning jolt from him. Being downstairs also means I can't nip in if I have the buggy. I live in hope that he might move locations one day, but until then I settle for sporadic child-free visits when possible.

2. Garden Kitchen - A little secret garden hidden away in the heart of Eldon Square, while its in the middle of a bustling indoor shopping centre, it is in a bit of a forgotten corner, making it a bit of an oasis of calm. Their flat white is super strong and silky smooth, which if you're spending a long day in the city centre could be just what you need. I love the decor and food menu too, a real treasure of a place that we go to a lot. (They are really child friendly and accommodating, with a great kids menu.)

3. Tyneside Bar Cafe - This is our (mine and Zoe's) favourite lunch place, they do an amazing grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread with a hint of spring onion, and have highchairs and crayons (sometimes they even show cartoons on the big screen). While it is great and child friendly, it also has a grown-up vibe and absolutely cracking coffee! I dream of going in one day after dark and sampling their drinks list, and maybe nipping next door to the Tyneside Cinema to see some fabulously arty film.

4. Cake Stories - Jesmond This place is a little gem, not particularly central, but worth a couple of metro stops. They have a vast selection of cakes and sweet treats to chose from and some delicious coffee! We often like to nab the comfy sofa in the window and spend an hour indulging in cake. This is the kind of cafe that makes me wish I was self employed and could spend my working day here. They have outlets by each table for laptops and phones and free wifi. They are child friendly and have Ikea highchairs.

5. Ugot - Central Station This is a bit of a new and quite random find for me, we were off to visit the inlaws by train on Mother's Day and I NEEDED a coffee in a hurry. There are a few coffee places in and around the station but I only had 10 minutes and the queue at Costa was out the door, so I ran into Ugot (which was empty) and grabbed two coffees and two gluten free Orange and Coconut muffins. Game Changer! The coffee was so smooth and almost nutty in flavour, strong but not bitter. The muffins were light and packed with flavour and freshness! I will definitely be going back, and it is now my go-to place before jumping on a train.

This is my top 5 of the places I have tired, however, I am always on the hunt for a great cup of coffee, so please let me know if there is somewhere I need to try!