Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mum's Banana Bread

This weeks posts are taking on a bit of a Mother theme, my Mum has been on my mind a lot lately. Its been nearly 5 years since we lost her, which is just crazy. I still go through a range of emotions each day, from sadness that she's missing things, to anger that she's not here, to warmth and happiness when I think of the good times we shared. Grief is a unruly beast. I am keen to keep her memory alive and make sure Zoe knows about her Grams who she never got to meet.

My Mum's banana bread had a bit of a legendary status when I was growing up. Looking back she probably didn't actually bake it that often, but I remember it vividly. It's funny how memory works, the smell of this bread baking takes me right back to being 8 and watching my Mum in the kitchen, singing along to Chris De Burgh. Baking this bread is a great way to keep Mum's memory alive, I want Zoe to have fond memories of it and know that it was passed down with love. It makes me feel warm and fussy to think of Zoe baking this one day for her Daughter.

This is such a quick all-in-one recipe, which you can whip up in minutes. Its great for packed lunches or just for cutting slivers off throughout the day, then wondering where all the banana bread went.

250g Plain Flour
115g Caster Sugar
115g Softened Butter
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 large eggs
2 over ripe bananas

I started by mashing the bananas with the two eggs, then threw all of the other ingredients into the kitchenaid and mixed on medium speed until incorporated. Bake at 180C for 35-40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean and your house smells amazing!

It really couldn't be easier.

Are there any recipes that take you back to your childhood?



  1. Hari OM
    Mums are NEVER forgotten! This is a great tribute - and legacy... one family recipe that all we siblings do which mum taught us long, long years past, is her savoury potato and cheese bake - creamy and lush and a MacLean Clan staple!

    4 med tatties, par-boiled then sliced
    one leek, sliced and diced
    250gm of cheddar or other favourite hard cheese, grated
    two rounded tablespoons plain flour
    butter for 'dabbing'
    in a large baking dish, layer up the sliced tatties, chopped leeks and cheese. The flour is to be distributed evenly between the layers and the butter can be as little or as much as you dare, dabbed onto various parts of the potatoes layers. Try to finish with a layer of the cheese - to go crispy! Pour enough milk over the top to start showing beneath the top layer.

    Bake in 180' oven for one hour. The flour and milk form the creamy 'sauce' round the veges. Can be eaten as a main dish for lunch or tea - or makes a superb side to the Sunday roast..... ah the memories...
    YAM xx

  2. Sarah Trivuncic2 March 2016 at 17:48

    I love watching the joy you so obviously have raising Zoe and how evident the motherly bond you have with her reflects with what yours was with your own mum. Thanks for sharing her banana bread recipe with #BAKEoftheWEEK :)

  3. What lovely memories and how special to be able to build new memories for your Zoe. Hope Mothers' Day was a lovely day for you. Thanks so much for joining in with #Bakeoftheweek

  4. How lovely to have strong food memories of your mum and to be able to remember her through baking... love it. Thanks so much for hooking up with Simple and in Season!


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