Monday, 7 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 7th March

You know last week was bad when I didn't take a single food photo, so I am instead sharing a picture of my homemade mothers day card and flower. LOL

Following last weeks meal plan i had a horrible 24 hour vomiting bug, then lost all interest in cooking, so lived on toast for the first half of the week then had far too much take away during the second half of the week. I am desperate to claw back some self control and energy from somewhere, I can feel the weight creeping back on and I feel generally a bit crap. So with this in mind, I'm trying to cut down on snacking and treats, while planning easy family friendly meals we will all enjoy.

Monday: Sausage and mash (or sausage sandwiches if we cba)

Tuesday: not sure, I’ll have to go food shopping on the way home I think, so I am thinking maybe jacket potatoes with some nice fresh salady bits.

Wednesday: Lasagna or spag bol, I am off work so have time to prep and make a nice dinner.

Thursday: Salmon egg fried rice

Friday: Curry rice and naan - I had a bit of a homemade curry disaster last week that resulted in me ordering an Indian take away, so I am determined to crack it this week as I know where I went wrong. If I manage to get it right I will share the recipe.

So, wish me luck, and I would love it if anyone has some family favourite meals/recipes to share, leave them in the comments? If I get a few I might so a bit of a inspiration round up (and link back).



  1. Hari Om
    Glad it was not too serious, that bug, Nelly - have been reading of folks getting hospitalised with all sorts of variations on this gastric nasty; be well, gal! I have another recipe for you...

    1 standard can of chopped tomatoes
    1 tablespoon of tomato paste
    1 large (250 - 300gm) bag of spinach leaves
    1 cube of vegetable stock concentrate
    1 large teaspoon paprika
    1 level teaspoon cumin
    1 small teaspoon ground black pepper
    pinch of salt.
    1 litre of boiling water

    Throw it all into a large soup pan, bring to boil, then simmer for 20 minutes. Blitz with hand blender, then run through sieve in order to ensure spinach stalks are fully removed. Serve hot in drinking mugs and rye bread to side.

    (Why the name? I fed it to the brother and the father and that was what they thought they were drinking. Till they remembered a vegetarian had cooked it!)
    YAM xx

  2. Ahh! It's horrible when a meal plan doesn't go to plan. Ours didn't last week either....We had the flu.
    Good luck with the curry! Everything sounds delicious x

  3. Sounds yummy, cant wait to read the outcome of the curry!

  4. Thanks, I am nervous about the curry, but I hope its going to be as yummy as I expect.


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