Monday, 21 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 21st March

Last week's Sausage Risotto was amazing!

I feel like I am well and truly back into the swing of things, I stuck mostly to my plan last week and it felt good. I had some great meal wins with the sausage risotto and prawn pesto pasta. I am definitely feeling inspired to try new things and get out of the food rut we are stuck in. I also moved into my new office last Tuesday, which has its own mini kitchen, so I feel more inclined to take food into work and cook things, rather than just grabbing a sandwich on the go.

I have also been having a long hard think about going back to Weight Watchers again, anyone doing the WW Plan? Would you recommend?

So without further ado, this weeks plan...

Monday - Leftover Roast Risotto, we had a roast dinner on Sunday, so I saved some chicken and carrots for tonights risotto. After last weeks triumph, I have high hopes.

Tuesday - Prawn and pesto pasta, it was so quick easy and delicious last week, we decided to make it again. It is the perfect quick recipe for our busiest night of the week.

Wednesday - Jacket potatoes with homemade chips and fried egg. - Totally just noticed this typo, two days after posting... It should read Gammon, with chips and egg! LOL

Thursday - Toastie night! We do love a good toastie in this house.

Friday - Lasagne with garlic bread and salad, we have family visiting and they arrive on Good Friday, so a tray of lasagne will be waiting.

Check out the #mealplanningmonday hashtag on social media to see what everyone else is eating!



  1. Glad your back in the swing of things.
    The Roast Risotto is such a great idea!
    Ahh! Toastie night sounds fab!..I love a good toastie too :D

  2. Hari OM
    Sounding good! ... WW? I only have to look at a lettuce leaf to put on weight these days, so am the last person to give advice on this one! YAM xx

  3. Oh I love toasties too and haven't had one in AGGGEEESSSSS

  4. I love reading your meal plans!

  5. Who doesn't love a good toastie, I have some rather decadent smoked stilton in the fridge calling to me.

  6. Paul would live on toasties if he could lol

  7. Aww thank you, I mainly do these for me, as a record, but I am glad others like them too. :)

  8. Nelly I am not sure about WW as I think it risks making food and diet too much of a focus to the point it can be counterproductive. I much prefer the free app MyFitnessPal which links food and exercise. Also it has a great database of calorie values and you can build and store your favourite meals and recipes. I have lost 2 stones using it, slowly but I feel very sustainably. If you give it a go you can find me there as Judyxshoes. Whatever you decide be kind to yourself xx

  9. I totally agree about the focus with WW, it becomes a bit of an obsession. I do use MFP, but not as often as I should. (I am nellyscupcakes, add me)


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