Monday, 14 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 14th March


My triumphant curry from last weeks meal plan.

I feel like we ended last week on a bit of a high, we stuck to the meal plan every day except Thursday, as the supermarket had no decent salmon and we had plenty of lasagne left over from the night before. I also made a stunning homemade curry on Friday, which I can see becoming a meal plan staple in various incarnations.

I am feeling a little bit bloated and sluggish at the moment and really need to get myself back in control of my diet, a few too many chocolate bunnies and not enough salad. So with that in mind I am planning a slightly healthier menu, or at least loading my plate with a few more veggies.

Monday - Gammon with sweet potato, veggies and a fried egg. Aldi had unsmoked gammon steaks on special last week, so I bought a few packs of 2.

Tuesday - King prawn and pesto pasta, something quick and tasty is ideal for one of our busiest days of the week.

Wednesday - Sausage Risotto, but of a random one based on what we have in the cupboard, but a yummy simple risotto made with chicken stock, with chopped cooked sausages and whatever veggies we have in the fridge.

Thursday - Twice baked tuna jacket potatoes and salad.

Friday - Pulled pork with crash hot potatoes and corn on the cob and homemade heathy coleslaw, we have a pork shoulder in the freezer, so I'm planning a slow cooked pulled pork.

It is a bit of a random one, as we are trying to use up what we have rather than doing a food shop, but I have high hopes. I'm also planning to take my own lunch to work AND not buy coffee... Wish me luck.


  1. That curry looks amazing. We had curry tonight. hehehe
    The Sausage Risotto sounds like a great idea x


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