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Sunday Moment - 7th February.

1. Zoe has this fantastic new camera face, which she pulls whenever you try to take a picture. I hope it last forever. She is also rocking her Fisherman Mac Raincoat from Marks and Spencer. The new summer collections are coming in and I for one am very excited by what I am seeing, as someone who isn't wild on girly pink and frills I am loving the bold colours and unusual prints.

2. I went through a phase when I became a Mum where I thought I needed to grow up and smarten up my style. I am slowly realising that I can be a kick ass Mum and keep my childish taste in clothes and jewellery. This Narhwal pin from Natale Draws Stuff is my latest addition and I love it!

3. We wore Red on Friday in support of British Heart Foundation. Dress like a mum (a fab blog btw) and amyrosewatts on Instagram declared it red lipstick day and asked everyone to post a red lipstick selfie to raise awareness, and encourage people to donate. I donated what I could, and feel that BHF is a cause close to my heart after we lost Mum to Cardio Myopathy. Head on over to the BHF website to donate if you can.

4. I am setting myself a little challenge, to start running again. The nights are getting lighter and I am feeling the urge to get out there and work on my fitness. I don't consider myself unfit as I do walk everywhere carrying a 24lb toddler but I used to love running so want to do something for me a few nights a week.

Hope you liked my little photo round-up of the week, I have been toying with the idea of a link/photo/round up post for a while, see you next Sunday. Have a good week!