Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sunday Moment - 21st February

1. I started a brand new job on Monday, I was lucky enough to find a part time promotion within the university I work for, working on an exciting project. This photo was taken at the campus coffee shop at 8am, I was 2 hours early but luckily my lovely friend David met me and calmed me down. Hilariously I met my co workers and we went for coffee, so I spent most of my first morning in a coffee shop. Although, I may need to find a new local coffee place as the loyalty scheme at the university one is ridiculous (you can't get large or syrup on your 10th free cup!).

2. I finished my working week at 1pm on Wednesday and went to meet my Sister, Auntie Hilary and Zoe at a local cafe/restaurant called The Garden Kitchen. It is one of my favourite places for coffee, their flat white game is strong. I was really impressed with their kids meals too. We ordered Zoe a Teddy Bears Picnic (4.95) which included a sandwich (with lovely fresh thick bread), pom bears, fresh fruit salad (loads!) and a drink. It came on a tiny wooden picnic bench and was just really impressive compared to some of the kids meals you come across.

3. It has been Half Term this week in Newcastle, it is a time I absolutely dread. As I don't have school aged children it doesn't really mean anything to me, except that all of the fun things we usually do are suddenly full of big kids and twice the price! We managed to avoid most of the madness but on Friday I braved a Local Soft play (Ace Playce in Killingworth) and was pleasantly surprised. While it was busy, they had a strict two hour policy in place and kept the numbers under control. They had a little disco and bubble machine, which Zoe LOVED! She didn't even glance at the soft play frames, instead she danced and chased bubbles for two hours!

4. My Auntie Hilary popped by for a visit this week, she was only here for two days but we had such a lovely time, and I took my DSLR out for the day on Thursday and snapped these perfect photos! We were in starbucks waiting for her train home and the light was just beautiful. I love watching Zoe interact with people and this photo sums up how much they love each other.

5. Those of you who follow me on instagram may notice a bit of a drop in Zoe photos recently. The reason for this is that is is actually impossible to get her to stay still! I have so many blurry flashes of Zoe in my photo stream. When I do get her to sit still for 10 seconds she does this... Such a little lady.

6. My BBFL (Bump Buddy For Life) Lisa and her little boy Brogan came up to Newcastle on Thursday. We have been friends for nearly two years now and I love getting to spend time with someone who is my life line. She has helped me a lot through pregnancy and early motherhood, we both lost parents and felt a bit lost in becoming parents ourselves. I am already stalking The Train Line for cheap tickets to Doncaster!

That was my lovely week this week, I'd love to hear about yours. :)



  1. You were very brave attempting soft play during school hols! I used to hate half term when my kids weren't at school as I couldn't meet up with my friends at soft play like we normally do. Boooo! Ace Place sounded just about bearable though!

    Yeah congrats on new job! I love garden kitchen too, it's a nice little haven in Eldon square. Ice ever taken the kids though but the kids meals sound nice :-)

  2. Hari OM
    What great shots - and lovely to see the family likeness with Zoe's GAH!!! Look at those smiles... Hope you find lots of job satisfaction in the new setting - and that cheap rail ticket &*> YAM xx

  3. I usually never do softplay at weekends or holidays but a few friends have school age kids and full time jobs so I have to sometimes to see them! Luckily their big kids love to play with Zoe so I get some time to drink coffee and chat :)


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