Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We are just 7 short days away from Mother's Day, and while I am not one for valentines or 'hallmark holidays' I do like the idea of showing Mums how much they are appreciated (as well as Dads on Fathers day). I always loved spending the day spoiling my Mum, making cards and breakfast in bed. I can't wait until Zoe is old enough to understand and participate.

I wanted to share a few Mothers Day gift ideas for anyone panic shopping this week... I have tried to focus on affordable things, as we are pretty strapped at the moment with the mounting cost of childcare etc...

1. Something Homemade - For me Mother's day isn't about big expensive gifts, its about a child appreciating their Mother. Thats why for me something homemade and heartfelt will always be the most cherished gift. Handprints, footprints, a childs artwork... All lovely and inexpensive. Or if you are not the craftiest of people (or can't deal with a 14 month old and paint without a complete meltdown) you could try something like Pottery Painting. Pots and Pancakes is a place in North Shields which offers pottery painting, as well as handprints and footprints you can treasure forever - I love this idea.

2. Mama Bracelet - This is something I have asked for, A Woody and Florence Mama Bracelet. I love how simple it is, it is inexpensive but really stylish and subtle. At only £3.95 its a nice idea for those on a budget.

3. Me-Time - It can be as simple as a solo trip to the local coffee shop, with free wifi and an endless supply of flat whites or a more indulgent spa package or trip to the hairdresser. A little time away can do wonders for the soul. I love the look of this package from The Garage Spa in Durham, its half a day so you can still have family time, but with a 25 minute treatment and 4 hours of spa access - it sounds like heaven.

4. The Mother Book Rather than another how-to guide or self-help type book, this is a series of posts/essays from various mothers. More of a show of solidarity to dip in and out of when you feel like you're alone in the crazy motherhood journey. I recommend teaming this with the next item on my list and a voucher for an hour long uninterrupted bubble bath.

5. Lush I am a huge Lush fan, nothing says relaxation for me like a long soak in a scalding hot bath filled with bubbles. My personal favourite is the Comforter Bubble Bar, which I can easily stretch to 3-4 baths. I personally wouldn't bother with the pre-made gift boxes, you always end up with a couple of things you never use. A bag full of bath bombs, bubble bars and a bottle of wine would be the perfect gift for me.

I hope this list gave you a few ideas, I'd love to hear how you guys celebrate mothers day.



  1. Hari OM
    Simple and appropriate suggestions! Hope you get at least one of these... YAM xx

  2. Love these gifts - I think I would go for a combination of Lush and 'me time' if I had the option. Thanks for linking to #LoveNorthEast x

  3. ♫ Alison M ♪9 March 2016 at 15:15

    Great ideas. I am a big lush fan as well!

  4. Safron Mitchelson9 March 2016 at 16:39

    Wish I'd got some of these as a gift.

  5. Karen English Pt-vip11 March 2016 at 20:28

    Love the mama bracelets, I may have to treat myself! Thanks for linking up with #LoveNorthEast

  6. Some lovely ideas. I'd have settled for an overnight stay .. alone in a Travel Lodge! :)


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