Monday, 29 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 29th February

Another week, another meal plan. Why is it so hard to stick to a plan? I honestly need a big hard kick up the backside. Last night I actually had a bag of tortilla chips and hummus for tea... Oh dear.

So with this in mind, lets try again.

Monday: Jacket Potatoes, I am going to pop them in the slow cooker in the morning. I have a load of salad bits to use up and some tuna.

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Thighs with either rice or homemade chips (depending on how we feel)

Wednesday: Healthy Carbonara

Thursday: Lasagne and garlic bread (Zoe's favourite), I will make this in the morning during Zoe's nap as we have swimming lessons in the afternoon and usually don't get home until 4pm so won't have much time.

Friday: Bangers and Mash, we still have a few packs of Northumberland Sausage Co sausages left, proper comfort food.

POST BLOG POST NOTE: I scheduled this post on Sunday morning, hopeful for a great week... Woken up at 5am on Monday morning with some sort of food poisoning/vomiting bug... Something tells me this will be a rough week. :(


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  1. Hari OM
    Oh nooooooo - hope that it's only one of those quickie-thru-the-system bugs and doesn't lay you low for more than that! This is where soups come into their own... Sending healing vibes... YAM xx


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