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Meal Planning Monday - 22nd Feb

First of, sorry for the lack of action on the blog this week. My new job has begun and while its still early days I can tell it's the right fit for me. We also had some visitors last week. My Auntie Hilary stopped by for a night, to audition alongside Paul for Pointless! I am really hoping they get on the show, as Paul's pointless knowledge is unreal, plus Zoe is a HUGE pointless fan, and I would love to see her little face seeing her Daddy on the TV. (for those reading outside of the UK, Pointless is a gameshow in the UK).

We also had a lovely day with my Bump Buddy Lisa and her little boy Brogan. Back when I was early in my pregnancy I joined a website called Baby Centre, it was really a place to freak out over every little detail and chat to others in the same boat. We were randomly paired as bump buddies as we were due on the same day, but it is actually ridiculous how much I have in common with Lisa, aside from having our children 4 days apart. We both lost parents, we are the same age, we have older siblings, we have similar interests and opinions and she is basically an amazing person who got me through a lot in the last two years.

Sadly she lives 130 miles away, so we don't get to see each other as much as I'd like, but she came up for the day on the train and we had a blast. I love seeing our little people interact and I'm hoping their friendship will blossom as they grow.

Anyway, on with the meal plan. I have been a bit lax again the last few weeks, using new jobs as an excuse, but I need to be a bit more in control and plan!

Monday: Croque Monsieur - my attempt at making toasties sound exciting! Monday is a busy night for us, with both of us getting in late and having to get Zoe to bed, leaves little time for meal prep, so ham and cheese toasties are perfect!

Tuesday: BABY FREE NIGHT! We haven't decided if we'll eat out or order in, but date night is happening.

Wednesday: Bangers and Mash - Still making our way through our huge stash of Northumberland Sausage Company sausages.

Thursday: Salmon Egg Fried Rice - We all love this, and have it at least once a week. I change up the ingredients depending what we have to hand in terms of veggies.

Friday: Homemade Korma with rice and naan - I have never made a homemade curry before, so definitely something new for us. It will need to be mild for Zoe but we arent huge spice-lovers.

I am imagining quite a full on week this week, with getting to grips with work and a few social plans, but having this in writing has helped me feel in control for sure.

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