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Meal Planning Monday - 1st February

I feel like January was a trial month, and would very much like to start 2016 again. A month of illness and tiredness and just general moaning has got me begging for some much needed perspective and I just really want a do-over. I want to feel in control, I want to not be constantly staring at a pile of dishes and or laundry every day. I used to use weekends to catch up and do a big clean, leaving me feeling ready to start afresh on a Monday, but now I am furiously treading water trying to stay afloat.

I am possible being slightly over dramatic and need to chill out, but at this point I just feel like setting fire to the house and moving rather than catch up on some much needed spring cleaning.

Anyway, with that being said, lets try to claw back some of that control by planning some yummy meals;

Monday: Fish finger sandwiches - Monday is my busiest day of the week, and with Zoe eating at nursery we tend to stick to something simple and easy. I do have a roast chicken that needs cooking but I may do that as well, and use the meat tomorrow.

Tuesday: Roast chicken and tomato risotto - a family favourite and easy meal - which will have leftovers I can give to Zoe tomorrow.

Wednesday: Leftover risotto, or cheese toasties. There should be plenty of leftovers, but if we don't have enough or Paul takes his for his lunch we will have toasties.

Thursday: Bangers and mash with veggies - We get these really yummy caramelised onion sausages from Aldi which the whole family loves. Perfect winter warmer meal for when me and Zoe get back from Swimming lessons.

Friday: Slow cooked Spag Bol - I slow cooked some bolognese for the first time last week and it was a real game changer! Zoe wolfed it down, rather than just picking out the pasta and I shoved a load of hidden veggies in too. I might have to blog this recipe soon.

Lets see if we can stick to this one, its pretty low maintenance so heres hoping.

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