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Happy Love Day!

We've never been huge lovers of Valentine's day in our house, don't get me wrong, we are not heartless cynics who cry 'Hallmark holiday!' while avoiding anything remotely romantic out of spite. However, I do feel that waiting until 14th February to tell someone you love them is just ridiculous. I have always been fairly vocal with the 'L' word. Growing up my family always said I love you to each other daily, and the last few years have taught me that life is far too bloody short to pussy foot around!

Also, our anniversary is in early March, so we tend to save our pennies for then, plus you don't have to worry about everywhere being booked or charging more for set menus.

This year felt even more special and love filled, so rather than focusing on romantic love, we decided to declare it Love Day and spend it as a family, with the people I love most in the world. My little family of 3 is just wonderful. I thought I knew what love was before Zoe came into our world, but seeing her grow and turn into this awesome tiny person makes my heart grow more each day.

We took a lovely stroll down to the Quayside in Newcastle, where there is a fantastic market each Sunday morning. We drank coffee, ate bratwurst and crepes and took selfies in the snow! We bought a ridiculous number of sausages from the Northumberland Sausage Company (seriously good sausages!) and just enjoyed each others company. With Zoe being more mobile and independent now, we nipped into the Baltic art gallery as there is a fantastic play area on the 2nd floor for Zoe to run about in.

We got home just as Zoe fell asleep so popped her in her cot, where she napped for over 2 hours!! (SCORE!).

Just enough time for me to whip up a lovely Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle (pictured) which Paul has been begging me to make again since I made one for our lovely Neighbour a few weeks back as a thank you for coming to our childcare rescue. It turned out even better this time and the recipe is definitely being saved and made often. The wonderful Pet Lamb Girls are responsible for the recipe, they have a fantastic youtube channel and post a new recipe each Sunday. I am lucky enough to live near to their shop, so get to sample their wares often but for those less fortunate you can recreate them at home!

All in all I declare our first annual Love Day a fantastic success, and won't be waiting 364 days to do it again.