Friday, 22 January 2016

Wrap Challenge - Week 2

Semi-FWCC - Front Wrap Cross Carry - a size 2 or 3 would work here, but you can use a larger wrap but be warned there will be a long tail to contend with. I used a size 6 so had tails dragging on the floor!

At first I found the slip knot really difficult to replicate, but the below video was really helpful.

Much much better once you get the hang of the slip knot.

Personally I am not a huge fan of this carry, it feels more supportive than the FWCC (TAS) from last week and its a good front carry for a shorter wrap but I find slip knots quite tricky to tighten and with a heavier child I found it did slip the longer you wear. I will be trying it again with a shorter wrap this week and I'll post how I get on.

Don't forget he hashtag on instagram and twitter is #30weekwrapchallenge, feel free to play along!


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  1. Hari Om
    It looks decorative... funny thing, I saw a lady wearing something very similar to this tie when on my recent trip to Sydney... think bub would have been only about 6-8 months though. LOVE the new, clean-cut blog banner! YAM xx


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