Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 4th January

Happy New Year! Well, I've had a nice relaxing nearly 3 weeks off work, hanging with family and generally christmas-ing it up. I am feeling, as I am sure most people are, a little bloated and over-indulged. So I am keen to get back to normality a little, eat a little less, move a little more and get back into a routine again. I started January by making a big batch of spicy carrot and harissa soup, which was utterly delicious and put me in the mood for a healthier month ahead. Recipe to follow.

I scored some awesome meat bargains after Christmas at Asda, their reduced section was HUGE and I stuffed my freezer, so hopefully my food bills will be lovely and low this month.

Monday: Slow cooked beef stew - I'll prep on Sunday to make my first day back at work a little less stressful. There will also be plenty of leftovers for lunch.

Tuesday: Tuna jacket potatoes and salad.

Wednesday: Beef burgers with homemade chips.

Thursday: Healthy carbonara - made with creme fraiche.

Friday: Pork chops with mash and veg

Breakfast and lunch at work this week will be porridge and either leftovers or tinned soup.

Want to see what everyone else is eating ? Head over to Meal Planning Monday at Mrs M's blog !



  1. Hari OM
    good buying/planning... and so glad you said the soup recipe is following - that looks my kinda slurperoony!!! HAPPY 2016!!! YAM xx

  2. Oh that soup recipe sounds awesome! I hadn't thought of pairing harissa with carrots, I normally do cumin and chilli but that would make a lovely change. Have a good week lovely - and if it's OK can I pick your brains about slings/ wraps please?

  3. Cumin and chilli are usually what I put with a butternut squash soup. I do love harrisa though and put it with most things. :)

    Pick away! I have a couple of wrapping posts coming up as well as a wrap challenge, but always happy to answer questions :)

  4. Everything sounds delicious especially that soup x

  5. I'm looking forward to your soup recipe as it sounds delicious! #mealplanningmonday

  6. It's just that Harry doesn't seem comfortable in the Ergo in a front carry anymore. His shoulders come over the back part and I feel like he's pulling away from me, even when I've got him wriggled right in. He's fine in a back carry, but I can't do that when I'm by myself. I was thinking about going back to wrapping, but using a woven now. I just wasn't sure what you thought. Our sling library is so expensive it's prohibitive to keep trying them out sadly.

  7. I have never used an Ergo to be honest but I have helped others with them at meets. I know that as babies get bigger they are not the best in a front carry as the carrier doesn't come up high enough. I have a connecta which I prefer, as its softer with less bulk, for a buckles carrier.

    I'll always encourage people to wrap if its something they enjoy. I love it. How much is your sling library to hire?

  8. That's what it feels like, as though it's not high enough - he's not a tall toddler either. I loved wrapping in our Moby but was a bit bewildered by where to go after. The rental is £10 per week, but the deposit is between £80 and £150 which we just don't have atm.

  9. Ooh I love slow cooked beef, haven't made a stew in ages. Mr M loves dumplings so perhaps I'll do it soon. Thanks for joining in!


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