Monday, 11 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 11th January

We did not stick to our meal plan last week, it wasn't a great week to be honest. I fell ill on Monday and was off work, out of routine and just generally miserable. We survived on sandwiches and whatever I could cobble together, we did have a couple of lovely meals but mostly I was in bed by 7pm with a lemsip.

I am still poorly this week, as my cold has developed into a nasty chest infection and suspected conjunctivitis. Honestly I feel like its never ending. I need to claw back some control though, so here comes the meal plan...

Monday: Leftover lasagne, I made lasagne last night, and there was plenty for leftovers.

Tuesday: Salmon fried rice, with added veggies for me, I need all the vitamins I can get!

Wednesday: Pork chops with mash and veg.

Thursday: Fishfinger sandwiches, ultimate comfort food! Zoe will have hers with waffles and peas.

Friday: Homemade Pizza, a little friday night fake-away treat.

Hopefully by stuffing lots of extra vegetable in my food this week, I can stave off all the germs and finally feel human again.

See what everyone else has planned at the Meal Planning Monday linky.



  1. Oh this looks a good week - especially those fish finger sandwiches!

  2. Hari OM
    .... and meantime I have checked three supermarkets' specialist shelves and spices shelves and sauces shelves and not found any harissa paste... any clues??? YAM xx

  3. I got mine in Asda, in the world food isle, but I have seen it in Sainsburys specialist fancy isle, but at double the price!

  4. Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe11 January 2016 at 16:36

    That salmon fried rice sounds lovely. Hope you have a good week x #mealplanningmonday

  5. mmm pizza. Delicious sounding meals, I haven't had a fishfinger sandwich in aaages!

  6. ...thanks N... no Asda anywhere close - but it might bear a more thorough search again in Sainsos! Yx

  7. I hope you are feeling better now! Fishfinger sandwiches are just the best comfort food!


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