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30 Week Wrap Challenge

Babywearing and woven wraps are a big part of my life, I wear Zoe most days and I really love it. I love having her close, being able to chat to her and for her to see the world how I do. I also love not having to drag the stupid buggy around everywhere. Although, I do tend to stick to my 1 or 2 favourite carries (a kangaroo carry on the front and a ruck with a candy cane chest belt on the back) I feel like I need a refresh of some other options. Back in August last year I took part in a 30 day wrap challenge on facebook and found it so useful in learning the basics of wrapping. So I have decided to do it all over again, although now that I have a bit more experience and confidence I think I will get much more out of it.

With this in mind I thought I would change it up slightly, now that I am back at work and low on time, I'll make it a weekly challenge. Also, if people want to take part, or play along, they have a full 7 days to try it, or perfect it.

So I'll be posting each week with a new carry to try, along with a youtube video link and my thoughts. There will be a instagram/twitter hashtag so you can follow along and get involved if you fancy it. Hopefully it will help me meet some other babywearing blogger/social media types too. If there is any interest from other bloggers I am happy to add a linky to it too.

I'm already behind but the first challenge will be posted here on Friday, and every Friday thereafter for the next 30 weeks. I hope you enjoy reading about it and I would really love to see people join in if they fancy.