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Meal Planning Monday - 7th December

HOW IS MY BABY 1 TOMORROW!! It feels like I was pregnant 5 minutes ago and now she is a fully grown toddler! I am not ready, if time could please slow down a bit I'd really appreciate it.

On a slightly more meal-planny note, we 100% stuck to the meal plan last week! First time ever I think! Go us!

Lets hope this week is as successful;

Monday: Sausage and Mash - We get these yummy caramelized onion sausages from Aldi, really delicious.

Tuesday: Spag bol with garlic bread - its Zoe's birthday so we are out all day and need something fairly quick to make, plus it's one of Zoe's favourite meals.

Wednesday: Salmon egg fried rice - this was a big hit last week, so making it again. Will be blogging the recipe soon as its a great speedy mid-week supper.

Thursday: I am out for my Christmas party with work and Paul is out at a gig, so no tea needed (except something for the babysitter)

Friday: Slow cooker stew - sadly Aldi didn't have any beef in yesterday, so will need to nip in through the week. A great winter warming meal though, served with fresh bread.

We spent £36 in Aldi this week, but this included our Christmas ham which has gone into the freezer.