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Meal Planning Monday - 14th December

I just had to share this picture, not everyone was loving the meal plan this week.

Another week, another meal plan stuck to, feeling rather smug about it. Which of course will be my complete downfall. Although, we are being super duper frugal this week as Christmas is expensive and we need to do the big Christmas shop. So this week we will be eating odds and ends from the cupboards and freezer where we can, so look out for some weird combinations!

Monday: Moroccan Chicken Thighs with boiled new potatoes - The thighs will be marinaded in a maggi flavour thingy I found in the cupboard. They are too salty for Zoe but she eats at nursery on a Monday.

Tuesday: Breaded fish with mushroom and garlic risotto - random freezer/cupboard meal at its best right here!

Wednesday: Paul is out for a work Christmas do, so I will throw some pasta/pesto/pea concoction together for me and Zoe.

Thursday: I am out for my work Christmas do, so Zoe will be having spaghetti on toast, and Paul can sort himself out.

Friday: Breaded chicken with mash and veg.

I have a shoulder of pork in the freezer which I plan to use to make pulled pork at the weekend, or endless sandwiches and maybe a pie.

So our weekly shop this week will be practically non existent as we have most of the things we need. We'll just need bread, milk and loo roll really.

This is what I love most about meal planning, you can easily spend £50-60 a week, or do a quick inventory and plan your meals around what you already have and save a bunch.