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I'm Sorry (not sorry) my Baby Sleeps.

There is a camaraderie in Motherhood. A shared experience, a sense that only those who have been in your shoes can really understand fully. Since having Zoe I have made some truly wonderful friends, serious BFF material, I have also joined a fair few groups and clubs, I have made an observation based on my experiences in parent-y circles;

There is a camaraderie in the struggle, sleepless nights? I'm right there with you, pass the coffee. Tantrum-ing toddler, Hell yes, pass the gin. If you are having a hard time or one of those days where you just want to stick Cbeebies on and hide there is a crowd of Mums in a similar situation ready with a latte (double shot) and sympathetic ear. Don't get me wrong, this is brilliant and most days exactly what I need to get through to bedtime.

However, flip it around, you've had one of those rare golden days where your baby naps beautifully, eats all their dinner which you had time to prepare from scratch, the house is tidy, and you even managed to put a few loads of washing on. Then bedtime goes without a hitch and she sleeps through the night! As a parent these moments are fairly rare (at least for me) so when the stars align you just want to sing from the rooftops. But do you really want to be that parent 'bragging'?

Theres been a big bump in the number of parenting humour blogs I've spotted recently that seem to focus on the bad, the lack of sleep, the mess, the hilarious yet naughty things our kids do... I mean they are a great read, but it seems to be perpetuating this cycle of sharing the bad, but not the good out of fear of sounding like 'that Mum', you know, the one with the perfect hair and an answer for everything.

I'm as bad as anyone else at this, its such a British mentality of focussing on the negative. I'll be the first one on facebook moaning about my lack of sleep or having to clean spaghetti bolognese off the lampshades BUT I also want to be able to scream from the rooftops that MY BABY SLEEPS!

So I am sitting here planning a mini revolution, lets share the great things our kids do, without self-deprecation or sarcasm. Lets sing from the roof-tops when they eat their vegetables, nap in their cots or sleep through the nights - and not just the first time either, every single bloody time! Zoe has been sleeping through the night from 6pm - 6am for 3 months now and every morning I am still ecstatic! Yet I still feel like I should apologise for bragging.

So lets hear it! What have you been afraid to share for fear of coming across like you're bragging? What do you hide from your parent friends for fear they'll hate you a little bit? I want to hear you sing from the roof tops! Whose with me?!